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American culture has fallen in love with the espionage, spy-type thrillers over the past few decades. This is apparent as the number of franchises of the genre has grown greatly, and have pulled in huge box office sums in recent years. Here are the 5 greatest!

5. Spy Kids

Spy Kids wasn't received too well by critics, but I really enjoyed watching them! The most recent reboot is terrible, but the original trilogy appealed to kids everywhere and even featured Danny Trejo's character, Machete, as Carmen and Juni's uncle. This was such a fun franchise, and had children wishing they were spies and adults wishing they were children again.

4. Austin Powers

Yes, it's a comedy. Yes, Austin is horribly obnoxious. Yes, Dr. Evil is one of the best movie villains of all time. Yes, this franchise is amazing.

This is where the picking gets tough. Any franchise could honestly argue for the 4th and 5th spots on this list, but these next three are not up for debate.

3. Mission: Impossible

The least of the best, Mission: Impossible is absolutely incredible. Ethan Hunt is a phenomenal character, and Tom Cruise is just brilliant. With one of the most recognizable thee songs of all time, Mission is without question deserved of a top three spot.

2. Bourne

Jason Bourne, played by superstat Matt Damon, is a highly skilled spy in search of his memory. The franchise consists of four movies so far, with Bourne only appearing in 3. Even the fourth, The Bourne Legacy, is amazing, featuring Jeremy Renner. I love this franchise so much!

1. James Bond


  • More movies than any other spy franchise.
  • More profits than any other spy franchise.
  • Most recognizable protagonist, even with all the actors who have played Bond.
  • Some of the greatest villains in movie history.

It's Bond. James Bond.


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