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Many people draw their perceptions of college life from the media (movies especially). Coming into college, all I knew about the lifestyle was what my elders told me and what I saw on the big screen. One semester in, I now realize that Hollywood led me astray. Here the 10 ways real college is different from in the movies.

1. You actually have to go to class and do schoolwork.

UNLIKE IN: Neighbors

Yes, parties happen in college. No, you can't avoid schoolwork completely (hem, hem, Zac Efron) and still stay in college. You'll get booted.

2. Running naked around campus will get you arrested.

UNLIKE IN: American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile

There might be underwear miles, sure. There might even be times you can go to a basketball or football game with no shirt on. But you will never be allowed to run fully nude. Trust me on this one.

3. Nobody cares about old high school stereotypes.

UNLIKE IN: Revenge of the Nerds

Ya, nobody in college sticks other people into small social categories. If you're smart, or "a nerd", then more people will want to be your friend so you can help them with their work. There isn't as much bullying and people don't care AT ALL what you wear around campus.

4. You don't have enough money for one semester, let alone extra school.

UNLIKE IN: National Lampoon's Van Wilder

In the real world, you have to take out crazy loans just to stay on campus for the first semester. There's no way you'll have enough money to stay you whole life. I wish, but just no.

5. Not everyone is in a frat, and frat boys are not universally loved.

UNLIKE IN: American Pie Presents: Beta House

Most college kids are not in a frat. Most college kids do not like fraternity members. Most college kids find ways to enjoy themselves without subjecting themselves to horrible hazing that occurs in frat houses.

6. Not everybody goes on spring break.

UNLIKE IN: 22 Jump Street

While everyone wishes they could be on spring break in Florida, nobody has the money to. I mean, unless you sell your liver to the medical program.

7. Sorority girls are usually not murdered on a regular basis.

UNLIKE IN: Sorority House Massacre

The majority of sorority girls go to sleep at night believing that they will wake up in the morning, and most of the time they do. It might not be in their own bed or sober, but usually they're still alive in the morning.

8. Showing up at parties is actually REALLY weird when you're 40 years old.

UNLIKE IN: Old School

Old School is great and Will Ferrell is great, but the only times an old guy shows up at a party is when it's a cop coming to bust it. So, no. Nobody is excited when they show up. Sorry, but those are the facts.

9. Zombie outbreaks don't happen.

UNLIKE IN: House of the Dead 2

I think we are all grateful for this one. While waking up for your 8 AM can make you feel and look a whole lot like a zombie, nobody has gotten their face eaten off lately. Well, except possibly for those sorority girls, but that's totally different.

10. Not everyone who goes there is a monster.

UNLIKE IN: Monsters University

OK, your chemistry professor might be. And your roommate. And your guidance counselor. But not the entire school, I hope?


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