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Marvel has been rather busy lately, pushing the bar from the Avengers to several B list characters that are yet to be recognized as Phase 3's massive leads. I remember how Captain America was my least favorite avenger in Marvel's The Avengers (That's right, I liked Hawkeye more as he was a villain and a hero, no offence Cap) but then the Winter Soldier happened. Now bare with me, I still root for Iron Man, though Winter Soldier literally demolished Iron Man 3 in Phase 2 because Tony's extra change of character in Iron Man 3 hits me more than Cap doing his usual to save the world, not to divert attention to that anyway. Today, we take a look back at two of Phase 2's critical and commercial leads, namely Ant-Man and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Now many people will obviously arrive to the conclusion that Winter Soldier is the better movie, which by the way is not the prime focus of this hearing, though Winter Soldier saved the world from an impending threat while Loki grabbed some popcorn back in his throne and Thor was on Earth but they didn't call in The Avengers because the events of Winter Soldier lasted only a few days, say three if I'm not mistaken.

What I'm actually trying to say is there are a few similarities between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Ant-Man, except that Ant-Man was more of a breezy and cheesy adventure that also felt more like a comic book flick than one grounded with realism.

1. Falcon.

While he earned his screen time in Winter Soldier as a military guy, I'll have to admit I liked him much more as a classic red Falcon who made his appearance in a crossover battle-type thing in Ant-Man, arguably Marvel's best superhero duel yet, until Civil War pops out, or at least it's trailer! I loved how Falcon could relate to stealing a piece of technology to save the world, except that he didn't quite believe Scott at that moment, we'll have to wait for Civil War to see how that evolves!

2. Good guys, bad guys theory.

Ant-Man was literally inspired, yet executed its plan differently.

3. Choose a side.

This is without doubt cloned proof that Brock Rumlow and Darren Cross share a scene that's one and the same. For extra information..."You picked the wrong side, Agent" or "You picked the wrong side, Hope." Not to forget both movies involve HYDRA.

Depends on where you're standing!
Depends on where you're standing!
Darren Cross with some Hydra thugs.
Darren Cross with some Hydra thugs.

What I loved best about Winter Soldier is that writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely managed to pull off a showdown with enough screen time for all characters. As for Ant-Man, it had just the right amount of action to satisfy the audience, most of which literally stole the show.

4. Both don't call in The Avengers.

Yeah, I know how expensive it is to afford someone like Robert Downey Jr but cheer up folks, it does make sense after all, for Winter Soldier's events only last a few days while Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket seemed to be bigger threats than the Avengers (at least in their ant-sized parameters).

What else do you think feels similar between these movies? Let me know what you think!


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