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The gang are on a mission to help someone who is transmitting to them. When they get to the planet they are met by a block aide from the Empire being lead by Agent Kallus. The Phoenix Squadron engage in a battle to tie fighters and are able to fight of a few of them. Because their ships are being taken out they are forced to retreat but take a lot of casualties with them.

After retreating they discuss what the new plan should be and Rex tells them about someone who will be able to help them get through the block aide and to the planet they need to get to. Kanon has Hera go to the planet to find this person who has the ship they need while he and Ezra go and get the rest of the supplies they need.

The planet they get to is a planet where ships cannot physically fly from. Hera's ships crashes on a landing stripe and are barley saved from fall out the cliff. It turns out they are saved by Quarrie, the alien who lives on this planet and collects ships that fall from the sky. He tells them he is waiting for the right pilot to come and show him in order for him to give up the ship that he has and the one they need to return to the fleet with.

Hera tells her story to him about why she is doing what she is doing for the Rebellion. He allows her to test drive the ship to see if she can fly it. The ship turns out to be a B-Wing, which has a combination of different elements from different ships we've seen throughout the Star Wars films and Series. Hera flies the B-Wing and while it doesn't seem to work at first, she manages to get it to fly and working just fine.

Meanwhile Ezra and Kanon get the supplies ad return to the fleet only to find out that they are about to make their second attempt at passing the block aide.

They don't have the fire power yet and they aren't successful at first but Just at the right moment Hera comes in the battle with the new B-Wing ship. Luckily it is strong enough to take down the critical points of one of the empire star destroyers and the Rebels pass the block aide. They drop the supplies to the people on the planet successfully and make it back to their home base.

In the end of the episode Hera becomes Phoenix Leader, a captain of the Rebel fleet and will become much more involved with the Rebellion from this point forward then she has previous. I also think that means that our group will be going on much more dangerous mission as well as battles on the front lines against the Empire.

I did like the look of this new ship and even reminded me of elements from Jango Fett's ship from Attack of the Clones and I hope we get to see it in the future at some point. I was surprised that the look of it wasn't the look of the X-Wings from the original trilogy because those models were definitely the more popular used one. That being said, I appreciate the creators of the show bringing in one of the lesser known ships from the franchise and giving them some back story and fits nicely with the universe.


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