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Gerardo Preciado

I love short stand alone stories, as a comic book writer it gives me the opportunity to tell a complete tale in a short amount of pages , this is one of the reasons I decided to partner with friend and artist David Marquez and start Old Skull Comics, a place where we can tell the craziest stories we can come up with, and most importantly of all, upload them for everyone to see for free.

Our first story is called 'Lunatik', I won't spoil it you but it is an homage to those horror and sci-fi comic books from back in the forties that didn't hold back any punches.

The comic is illustrated by up and coming artist José Cobá (I bet you will be hearing more of him) and he did a fantastic job on what the story required aesthetically, which was to blend both the look of Ridley Scott's 'Alien' and George Lucas' 'Star Wars', meaning the claustrophobic feel of the former and the classic look of the latter.

I hope you enjoy our short web comic, you can read the entire thing HERE.

Please let me know if you liked it in the comments section below and follow me on Twitter for the latest updates on Old Skull Comics and other projects I'm working on.


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