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Around this time of year, you start asking yourself what movie you're going to watch on a cold evening. This could be a hard question for you, too, because Star Wars: The Force Awakens is practically the only worthwhile film coming out. Well, I have the solution to your problem. Straight from the clever minds of XLRator Media comes a very original, very thought-provoking film in Flutter!

You need to watch this movie!
You need to watch this movie!

Don't be scared off right away because of the lighthearted title. This movie isn't about fairies, talking cartoon birds, or anything of the sort.

The term "flutter" comes from our good friends over in the U.K., meaning a bet. This is the flutter the movie is named after.

This movie casts its audience immediately into the hectic world of gambling. We are introduced to our lead character, John, and are swept off into his life of bets, wagers, and well...flutters. This film does an excellent job of letting you get to know who the characters are and what types of roles they will play, really setting the theme of the story right away.

John finds himself in a bit of a "financial pickle" as they say, and ends up being thrown into a crazy and dangerous world of betting. But these bets have major consequences making for quite an interesting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its entirety.

He is forced to make decisions that impact his personal life dramatically, which can cause us to ask very important questions. Questions like: How will my actions affect my life? Am I treating loved ones with the dedication I need to? Am I living my life how I ought to be? etc.

It's questions like these while watching Flutter that makes it such a must-see film to pop on.

This movie may be a little bizarre and far-out there at times, but that doesn't change the overall message. It makes you stop to consider your own life, and makes you realize what you hold dear; be it money, friends, family, Sour Patch Kids - whatever the case may be, and whether or not that thing you hold dear is really what you should be striving for in life.

Well, I hope y'all enjoyed this article. Look for it on VOD November 17th where we will all enjoy the movie magic of Flutter!


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