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I love WWE and DC mainly Batman, I am an average nerd so i know alot just to to much haha!
Adam Boshie Bosher

So six weeks ago I got accepted into a online course called MoviepilotU. When joining I got told I had to make 4 articles a week, when i found that out i was thinking "hmm four articles in six weeks... So that's 24 all together. Wow I haven't even made 15 in a year, how can I do 24 in six weeks?" We would also get a short three to four minutes video with pointers and some tips to follow. Unfortunately the videos are not for sharing so i cant show them to you.

So I was really looking forward to starting and I had good ideas that I wanted to write for months in my head I wanted to write about but i never did, so I thought I'd start with doing those ones, it was good I didn't post the ones I'd been thinking of posting until then, because I probably would run out of Ideas (which I still did at one stage). People have made group chats on Facebook for people to suggest ideas to each other.

We also have mentors, Mike, Julian, Eileen, Samuel or Paul (I had Mike), where they would check our articles out once finished and see what edits needed to be done. The mentor would also be there for us if we could not send all four in for one week and make it up for them (happened to me a few times), or even just to ask them for help.

So the first three weeks were easy because of all all the ideas I had in my head, and I think I thought of some great ideas as well. But after a while I was struggling with ideas and that was making me later for my submissions but so far I am going good.

I am really enjoying this course and I have figured out what common mistakes I always make like putting capital Letters in wrong places and not putting them where they are needed. (I intentionally did the capital L) Another thing I've learnt is to use Italics when mentioning movies and names of things.

If someone asked me if I would recommend it to other people, I would say yes it is defiantly worth it. And hey I'd probably do it again. So if they do this course again I'd highly recommend doing it. Note! This is for MP Creators only, so if you want to do this course but not a creator scroll up and click on where is says"Become a creator", or on the top right corner click on the "start writing".


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