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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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We finally saw what was inside Room 33 in this week's episode of AHS... and it wasn't pretty. Episode 6 had a pleasing – albeit heartbreaking – amount of my fave, Liz Taylor, in it, as well as another blood-smeared sex scene guaranteed to get the Parents Television Council sizzling.

Check out five things you may have missed in this week's episode of American Horror Story: Hotel...

1. Return to the Murder House

AHS creator Ryan Murphy had previously confirmed that AHS: Hotel would go back to the Murder House of Season 1, and it was cool to see this come to fruition as Gaga goes for a backstreet abortion from Dr. Montgomery.

2. More Classic Movie References

The scenes with The Countess's hungry, dangerous baby are direct homages to Larry Cohen's 1974 movie, It's Alive! The close-up shot of little Bartholomew's eye, in particular, is emblematic of Cohen's most famous film; the picture below is from the 2008 poster for the remake of the same name, focusing on the black eye. Of course, with old prams and freaky children in abundance, none of you horror fans will have missed the many references to Rosemary's Baby!

3. The Library of Liz

I was glad to see the touching scene when Liz gives Tristan some books by Bronte and Wilde; it hasn't escaped my notice that Liz Taylor is very well read (these shots from previous episodes show her reading Das Kapital and Candide) and it's nice to hear more about this small detail.

4. Liz's Lines

Further proof that Liz Taylor gets all the best lines in this season; blink and you'll miss it but Liz calls Alex Lowe 'Nanny McPhee' because of her old-fashioned garb. The frumpy British comedy character is hardly a flattering comparison...

5. Don't Drink It!

"Never drink the water from the fifth floor, unless you want a taste of Cara."

In this episode, we hear the terrible tale of Cara, an elementary school teacher who ended her own life in the Hotel Cortez and was left in the bathtub for three months, poisoning the hotel's water supply. This is directly inspired by the tragedy of Elisa Lam, who somehow fell into the water tank at L.A.'s Cecil Hotel... which was only noticed when guests complained that the water "tasted funny."

For more on this tragic real-life horror, read this account of the event.

In case you were wondering about the musical choices in this week's episode, I've created a Spotify playlist for every song featured. I'll be adding to it every week as the series goes on.

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