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Time travel does exist! The cast from School of Rock traveled back in time, met their younger selves and put together a Broadway version of the show. Okay, so admittedly that didn't happen, but it's still a cool idea for a movie, if I do say so myself.

Some of the cast of the 2003 flick attended the premiere of the Broadway show based on the movie. For a healthy dose of cuteness mixed with a few scoops of nostalgia, take a look at the snaps below...


How are they not related?!
How are they not related?!

The 2003 movie was a huge hit, featuring Jack Black as the teacher who entered his students into the Battle of the Bands music competition, with the aim of winning and paying off his rent.

Before you go thinking this was irresponsible teaching, it really wasn't. It's all about self fulfillment, you see. Way much more enjoyable than algebra.


This is too much...!
This is too much...!

The movie held the record for highest grossing musical of all time, having made $131 million. Until it was taken over by Pitch Perfect 2.


That must be her daughter?!
That must be her daughter?!

The musical, produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber, will officially release on December 6, 2015.

How do they compare?

But the question we're all dying to know: just how closely do the new kids on the block (who know how to rock) compare to their previous counterparts? Let's take a look. Look-like-ability is included... I spoil you!

Dewey - Jack Black/Alex Brightman

Look-like-ability - 5/10

Rosaline - Joan Cusack/Sierra Boggess

Look-like-ability - 6/10

Ned - Mike White/Spencer Moses

Look-like-ability - 8/10

Patty - Sarah Silverman/Mamie Parris

Look-like-ability - 4/10

Katie - Rebecca Julia Brown/Evie Dolan

Look-like-ability - 8/10

Tomika - Maryam Hassan/Bobbi MacKenzie

Look-like-ability - 4/10

Freddy - Kevin/Clarke Dante Melucci

Look-like-ability - 9/10

Zack - Joey Gaydos/Brandon Niederauer

Look-like-ability - 3/10

Billy - Brian Falduto/Luca Padovan

Look-like-ability 9/10

Lawrence - Robert Tsai/Jared Parker

Look-like-ability - 8/10

Summer - Miranda Cosgrove/Isabella Russo

Look-like-ability - 9/10


The question is... who looks the most like the original character?

Source: Playbill


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