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With every character that he plays, Leonardo DiCaprio really gives it his all. And his role of extravagant, drug-riddled, prostitue-banging Jordan Belfort in Martin Scorcese's The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013 is no exception. Relive the hedonistic madness in the trailer below:

Wall Street of the late 1980s sure seemed like a tepid pit of reckless debauchery, but have you ever wondered how the actors went about filming the endless scenes of cocaine snorting and ludes popping?

Well, a slight snippet of information has revealed a rather hilarious detail on how Leo and co-star Jonah Hill got to grips with these scenes and how they shot them without, y'know, actually snorting the real stuff.

Apparently, it's all down to vitamin D powder. And Jonah admitted to snorting so much of the stuff that the poor man even gave himself bronchitis. Speaking to The Observer Magazine, he revealed:

"I snorted so much of that stuff that I got, like, bronchitis! My lungs were filled with powder and I got really sick for a month and a half."

Indeed, the substitute for cocaine in the movie was deemed to be harmless initially, yet in large quantities, the vitamin has been known to lead to severe constipation, as well as breathing problems in his case.

However, he also made it very clear that a respiratory condition would never stand in the way of working with Scorsese. In fact, he'd jump at the chance to do it all again:

"I mean, I'd do it again in a second. The first time you snort fake cocaine in a Scorsese movie you feel like ... I don't know! I got embarrassed because I said that it's every actor's dream. I guess it's not, but to me, it's a pretty iconic thing to do."
Jonah with director Scorsese
Jonah with director Scorsese



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