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Gravity Falls has really pulled out all the stops with Weirdmageddon, as S02E18 plunged the town into a bizarre, surreal, and downright disturbing merging of realms. Alex Hirsch recently confirmed that this plot, which Gravity Falls season 2 has been building towards for a long time, will definitely last multiple episodes (and will probably see the season end).

There's so much to be excited (and concerned) for: next episode, Escape From Reality, will see Dipper and Mabel reunited, and will contain plenty of revelations. In Weirdmageddon, Ford dropped the hint that he knows Bill's fatal weakness, setting up a Chekov's gun that the heroes have to find. But, as Alex Hirsch hints, it's possible they had the power to defeat him all along...

Bill's Fatal Mistake

In an interview with TV Insider, Alex Hirsch talked about the latest episode and dropped some serious plot hints for what we can expect to see for the rest of season 2. Crucially, he discussed why Bill destroyed the journals, a moment which was definitely a turning point for Dipper and the show.

The journals destroyed!
The journals destroyed!

As the entire plot of Gravity Falls revolves around the journals themselves, Bill destroying them was pretty shocking. But as upsetting as this is, Bill might have just made his biggest mistake, and one that will ultimately cause his defeat. For now though, it's a really huge blow for Dipper which as Alex Hirsch reveals is Bill's prime motivation in destroying the journals.

"Bill is trying to lay Dipper as low as possible. He sees Dipper as a very tiny pawn on a very big chessboard. Ford is the King and he’s already captured him. So Dipper means nothing to Bill at this point and Bill wants to really, really break Dipper’s spirit. It’s more fun for Bill to toy with his victims than to outright destroy them. So for him, nothing could be crueler and more dissembling of Dipper’s sense of hope than the journals burned at Dipper’s feet."

Wow, that Bill Cipher is a real jerk, huh?! From a storytelling perspective, burning the journals is a great move. This frees Dipper from the crutch he's been leaning on during the whole show, so that he can strike out on his own as a hero.

Symbolically, this also allows Dipper to step out from Ford's shadow: he's been following in his uncle's footsteps, knowingly or not, throughout the show. The latest episodes have really emphasised this, with Ford leading the way on all the adventures (at the expense of isolating Mabel from Dipper). But with Ford incapacitated Dipper can, as Wendy said, find Mabel "make up, team up, and save the world!"

Wendy's pep talk to Dipper
Wendy's pep talk to Dipper

So in this way, burning the journals and encasing Ford in stone was really the best thing Bill could do for Dipper... and underestimating the Pines' twins is probably Bill's big mistake that will lead to his downfall.

The Key To Bill's Defeat

Honestly, this just makes a lot of sense, though it's unlikely that Dipper and Mabel just being themselves and beating Bill through their ingenuity is what Ford was referring to. The fatal flaw that Ford mentions might be some big plot point that we'll discover later, OR the twins could learn to defeat Bill without exploiting whatever weakness he has. But one thing's for certain: by removing the journals and Ford from the equation, Bill might have just allowed Dipper to unlock the biggest threat against him... Mabel!

S02E19 will definitely focus on the relationship between the twins, and it's about time too! After drifting apart in the latter part of season 2, Dipper and Mabel got into their biggest fight yet in episode 17. And of course, as Dipper and Ford didn't bother to include Mabel in their plans to stop Bill, Mabel was very open to manipulation from the triangle trickster, which inevitably allowed him to enter our realm.

Bill traps Mabel
Bill traps Mabel

As Dipper, Wendy, and Soos enter Mabel's bubble, we'll definitely see some of these issues dealt with. Because although the oddpocalypse rages outside, Mabel's state of mind is uncertain, and according to Alex Hirsch she may still be wrapped up in her desire to stay in the summer forever.

"Where Dipper and Mabel left off, we saw them at odds about what their futures are going to look like. Mabel wanted nothing more than for summer to last forever and Dipper wanted nothing more than for the future to arrive. When Dipper goes to locate Mabel he will find that these perspectives are still being engaged with at the present."

To me this suggests that Mabel's bubble really does contain the eternal summer she wished for, and that does make sense considering it's part of the deal with Bill that allowed him to enter our dimension. So will Mabel even want to leave with Dipper? And if she does, what will that do to Bill's control over Gravity Falls?

The Rift over Gravity Falls
The Rift over Gravity Falls

It's entirely possible that as soon as Mabel's half of the bargain is broken, Bill will lose his control over Gravity Falls completely. With that in mind, destroying the journals and trapping Ford only leads up to Bill's defeat, as without doing this Dipper wouldn't have gone to rescue Mabel!

There are so many ways this plot could end that it's difficult to predict what will happen. But one thing's for certain: underestimating the Mystery Twins is definitely Bill's downfall!

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