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Young girls with cancer are princesses too, and Holly Christensen and Bree Hitchcock from the Magic Yarn Project are completely aware of it. These two power woman are making beautiful Disney Princess wig for these sweet girls to wear.

After a friend's daughter was diagnosed with cancer, the two women decided to do something to bring positivity and fun to these girls' lives.

Holly, a former cancer nurse, chatted with ABC News describing just what inspired her to create this project:

“It’s so heart-wrenching and life-changing to work in cancer. Last fall, I found out that the little girl of one of my college friends was just diagnosed with cancer. She’s such a girly girl and loves princesses and is about to lose her long beautiful hair.”

Holly first created a Rapunzel wig made of soft, pale yellow yarn for her friend's daughter. The project then grew, as Christensen created a work space and began to receive email after email from others asking to help or ordering a beanie for a loved one.

Each individual wig is handmade and attached to a beanie, which is meant to protect their scalps that are sensitive due to the chemotherapy.

Holly and Bree have also created a GoFundMe page with the intent to continue creating these adorable beanies

The best part about everything? The beanie wigs are free for the little girls, but as a result the project needs a lot of support. Their goal is to raise $20,000.

With a mission to create "soft and beautiful yarn wigs for little warriors who are bravely battling cancer," how could we not help? They bring such love and magic to these little girls going through such

If you'd like to donate, please visit their GoFundMe page, but volunteers can also step up to help make wigs and can do so by visiting their website.

These girls are such gorgeous angels who deserve to feel like the princesses they truly are. I just might have to volunteer and create a Jasmine wig, as she's always been my favorite princess.

[Source: Hello Giggles]


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