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Fans are the best! Especially in the interim between something amazeballs being announced and it actually coming to fruition.

Earnestly awaiting the kickstarter target for Friday the 13th: The Game to be met, fans were throwing around the hashtag like a blood-stained machete. They will be happy to know that with just under 48 hours to go, the target has been met!

One fan and professional artist went to town on his Jason Halloween costume and the results were as terrifying as they were impressive.

The self proclaimed monster maker Sculptordie took to Instagram and Tumblr to show off his cosplay in the flesh. Check it out.

This guy must have had a very lonely halloween...

The attention to detail is insane!

This looks like it could be a scene from the movie

Here are some other fans that ruled at Cosplay!

Freddy Krueger - always.

The Sugarplum Fairy - invading nightmares since 2011.

Silent Hill Nurses - users of public transport.

Leatherface - enough said.

And If all else fails - everyone come as Mike Myers.

Sources: Bloody Disguisting, Instagram, Kickstarter


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