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First things first, David Hasslehoff is no more.

Calm down, he's not dead, although part of him has been dropped into the abyss. Posting the 'big news' on Twitter, the beloved Knight Rider has revealed that he's officially dropped the 'Hassel' from his life, and now goes by the name David Hoff.

Although of course we will always welcome the Hoff's decisions with open arms, the glorious specimen that he is, this news is a little sad. Not only because we're rather attached to his name, but mostly because it comes just at the moment we would really love to hassle the hell out of him.

Bringing Baywatch, club culture, questionable choreography and all things camp together to create one glorious cacophony of cray, David Hoff is currently starring as an Ibiza club DJ in a stage musical called Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.

I don't know what the world has done to warrant this delicious gift from God, but what I do know is, if I were in the UK (where they're currently touring), I'd be all over this.

Since they're on tour, if you're blessed enough to be in Britain right now, it might be time to start living out those groupie dreams, guys, as this blessed happening will be swingin' around the isle until February 13th, 2016.

According to Fact, the Hoff plays an '80s superstar DJ trying to readjust to the new world raves of the '90s, and a myriad of nostalgia-inducing beasts such as Adamski, Snap, Rick Astley, form the soundtrack.

In an interview with the South London Press, Hasselhoff summarizes:

“I can relate to him totally of course,” he says. “He is a DJ and night club owner with a responsibility to the club where the most important thing to do is party.

“He’s against drugs even though he’s on this amazing party island of Ibiza but he does like to show off - a bit like me."

Plus, it gives us an excuse to revisit that Vengaboys banger. Like we needed one, eh?

To England?

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