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Horror fans rejoice! Looks like we will finally be able to experience what it's like to be chased around by Jason Voorhees.

On October 13th, which sadly wasn't a Friday, a Kickstarter campaign was launched in order to create a video game version of Friday the 13th. The goal for the campaign was to raise $700,000, and this goal has finally been reached, which means the game is actually going to happen.

The game is being developed by Gun Media and IllFonic in partnership with Crystal Lake Entertainment, and their description of the project sounds pretty amazing.

For the first time since 1989, you have the opportunity to help bring a Friday the 13th video game to life! Stalk camp counselors across Crystal Lake as Jason Voorhees, or assume the role of a helpless camper and attempt to survive the night. Come be a part of this incredible moment in video game and horror history! We definitely can't do it without you.

Did I read that correctly? You can play both the victim AND the killer? That sounds awesome!

You can still donate if you want the game to be even cooler

While it's great news that they reached their $700,000 goal, the project also has stretch goals, so if more people donate money they can do a lot more with the game. For instance, if they reach $3,600,000 you will be able to play as Mark from Friday the 13th Part II and attempt to win the game in a wheelchair.

As usual with Kickstarter campaigns, there are some pretty decent pledge rewards up for grabs. Among other things, you can get a digital art book featuring concept art from the creators, your name in the credits, a personalized video message from the creators, and even have your name and personal message featured on a tombstone in the game. If you'd like to pledge, just visit the Kickstarter campaign by clicking this link.

The game will be available on PC, XBox One, and PS4 and can be purchased as a physical copy or a digital download.

Source: Kickstarter and Joblo


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