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With the growing excitement of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and all what the DCEU has to offer each and every day, got me thinking: "Who could be the villain in our Justice League film?" Well folks, to be a major threat to any team member of the Justice League, these 'villains' need some pretty special powers, including: invulnerability, super-strength, and to basically be able to do things that Superman and team wouldn't be able to do... sort of. Following, are 20, yes 20, villains that could be in the Justice League film, possibility factor, and actors who could play the character(s)!

1. Amazo

Special powers/Abilities: has absorption cells throughout Amazo's synthetic body permit the android to replicate the special abilities of any super-beings in his immediate proximity. With every hero or heroine encountered, Amazo becomes even more powerful and virtually unstoppable.

Possibility factor: 8/10

Who could play him? Nathan Jones

2. Bizarro

Special powers/Abilities: Superstrength, invulnerable, and able to fly like the Man of Steel, but possessing some powers opposite to that of Superman, including freezing vision and flaming breath.

Possibility factor: 8/10 Especially in a solo Superman.

Who could play him? Henry Cavil, duh?

3. Black Manta

Special powers/Abilities:Possesses slightly above average strength; quickly masters new equipment; fueled by rage.

Possibility factor: 5/10

Who could play him? Omari Hardwick, Michael Ealy, Michael Jai White.

4. Brainiac

Special powers/Abilities: A vast, superior intelligence limited only by the technology it currently inhabits. Knowledge of the Universe is unparalleled, yet its hubris and emotions restrict its potential.

Possibility factor: 6/10

Who could play him? Lars Mikklese, Ralph Fiennes, Alexander Skarsgård.

5. Charybdis (Piranha Man)

Special powers/Abilities: Can absorb the talents of others; in Piranha Man form, possesses superhuman strength a ability to breathe on land or in water.

Possibility factor: 4/10

Who could play him? Robert Garlens

6. Crime Syndicate

Ultraman: (Team Leader) Human astronaut rescued by aliens and given superstrength, flight, invulnerability, enhanced vision and hearing. Jon Hamm or Joe Manganiello.

Johnny Quick II: Addicted to drugs that gave him superspeed. Bradley Cooper.

Power Ring: Possesses cursed ring that channels thoughts into physical form. Jensen Ackles or Chris Pine.

Superwoman: Mortal with superstrength and invulnerability. Adrianne Palicki.

Owlman: Superb hand-to-hand combatant; master strategist. Dominic West.

Possibility factor: 8/10

7. Cyborg Superman

Special powers/Abilities: Can control electronics and create new bodies for himself out of machinery; possesses invulnerability due to his Kryptonian organic material and alloys; seemingly impossible to kill.

Possibility factor: 8/10

Who could play him? Henry Cavil again.

8. Darkseid

Special powers/Abilities: Utterly ruthless, unforgiving planetary overlord who rules underlings by fear; immensely strong and apparently invulnerable; eyes project Omega Beams, powerful rays that incinerate, annihilate, or transport beings.

Possibility factor: 9 1/2 out of 10

Who could play him? Ron Pearlman, Ving Rhames, Kevin Grevioux, or John Cena.

9. Despero

Special powers/Abilities: A third eye with incredible hypnotic power; tremendous strength and durability.

Possibility factor: 9 1/2 outta 10.

Who could play him? Keith David or Michael Wincott.

10. Doomsday

Special powers/Abilities: Bred to be the ultimate killing machine, each time he is defeated, he regenerates with a higher level of strength and endurance, making him an unbeatable foe.

Possibility factor: 9 1/2 out of 10.

Who could play him? Robert Maillet, Paul Whight or Andy Serkis- -Frank Welker {Voice}.

11. Imperiex

Special powers/Abilities: Armor contains the explosive energies of the "Big Bang;" assisted by legions of Imperiex-Probes.

Possibility factor: 8/10

Who could play him? Again, Ron Pearlman, Ving Rhames, Kevin Grevioux, or John Cena.

12. Kalibak

Special powers/Abilities: Vast superhuman strength, endurance, and near invulnerability; is a powerful brawler and hand-to-hand combatant; wields the "Beta Club", which can fire destructive force bolts.

Possibility factor: 8/10 Especially if Darkseid is present.

Who could play him? Dave Bautista or Ron Perlman.

13. Kanjar Ro

Special powers/Abilities: Cunning strategist who relies on advanced alien weaponry, Energi-rod used for levitation, and communicating through hyperspace.

Possibility factor: 6/10.

Who could play him? Honestly, you're probably tired of me saying Ron Perlman, so I have know idea!

14. King Shark

Special powers/Abilities: Superstrength, invulnerability, and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth; can breathe underwater.

Possibility factor: 4/10

Who could play him? Luke Goss or Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

15. Lobo

Special powers/Abilities: Vast superstrength and near invulnerability; superspeed and superhuman endurance; fantastic leaping ability; tracking ability allows him to trace prey across galaxies; can survive unaided in the vacuum of space; unparalleled brawler; can replicate himself into an army of clones.

Possibility factor: 7/10

Who could play him? Tom Hardy or Ron Perlman (especially how he like his cigars and how good his role in Sons of Anarchy was.)

16. Metallo

Special powers/Abilities: Human brain housed in powerful robotic body powered by Kryptonite; can morph into nearly any mechanical size, shape, or height; can project his consciousness into other technological devices, transforming them into an extension of his own body.

Possibility factor: 7/10

Who could play him? Sam Worthington, Callan Mulvey, or Dominic Purcell.

17. Mongul

Special powers/Abilities: Vast superhuman strength; nearly impervious to bodily harm; commander of an entire army of gladiators on his mobile Warworld.

Possibility factor: 7 1/2 out of 10

Who could play him? Stephen Lang.

18. Ocean Master

Special powers/Abilities: Trident possesses vast magical powers, notably the firing of powerful mystical energy blasts; amphibious; able to breathe underwater and swim at great speeds; is totally unaffected by the crashing weight of the ocean's great depths.

Possibility factor: 10/10 If BvS:DoJ is gonna go like how people think, he'll be the big bad, and Aquaman will probably lose his hand trying to save his son.

Who could play him? Luke Evans, Colin O'Donoghue, Karl Urban, or Wes Bentley.

19. Quantum Mechanics

Special powers/Abilities: Possessed of virtually god-like powers and intellects, the Quantum mechanics are capable of practically any feat that their imaginations can conceive, including teleporting entire worlds (including Earth) halfway across the universe.

Possibility factor: 8 1/2 out of 10 This was the Justice League's hardest foe(s) to beat. Hopefully WB won't skip out on these characters.

Who could play him? Joel McHale.

20. White Martians

Main Members:

Protex: A Martian Superman.

Primaid: Warrior woman.

Zum: Superspeedster.

Zenturion: Shield-carrying soldier.

Flexus: Rocky powerhouse.

Armek: Armed juggernaut.

Tronix: Possessor of devastating gaze.

A-Mortal: Fearsome wraith.

Possibility factor: If Martian Manhunter is being followed, then they won't be far behind. 7/10

So what do you think of my list? What or who would you like To See in the Future DCEU Films? Let me Know In The Comments!


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