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*Warning Arrow Spoilers Lie Ahead!*

Season 4 of Arrow has been pretty damn eventful so far, especially last night's episode: 'Lost Souls,' which reintroduced us to the dead-lost-not-dead Ray Palmer, (Brandon Routh) a.k.a. 'The Atom'. We also witnessed the dead-not-dead-dead-again-not dead Canary, (Caity Lotz) re-souled and back in the field.

Personally I was surprised to find the Canary suffering from the same severe anger issues that affected Thea. I suppose I thought her reinsoulment (it's definitely a word) by Constantine would have her bypass the murderous anger, leaving her ready to put on the white jacket in Legends of Tomorrow.

However, it seems the CW writers had different plans, and this unfortunately left Sara's screw up in the field -- almost killing, then killing -- feeling a little too much like Thea (Willa Holland) and Roy (Colton Haynes) before her.

Say Goodbye To Sara Once Again

Sara has been a recurring character on Arrow for years, and we've learned pretty much everything there is to know about her. We know that she's an incredible warrior and assassin, that she likes to spend her nights as a vigilante protecting young women and that she's fond of screwing her sister's boyfriend.

Moreover, we know that she makes a habit of dying, only to come back from the dead, which I'm pretty sure she's done three times now: on the Queen's Gambit, on Slade's boat and on a rooftop.

Sara Lance also makes a habit of leaving the show for extended periods. But this time it's so she can star in Legends of Tomorrow, alongside a number of heroes including: Atom, Hawkgirl and Hawkman.

So just one episode back in the field and Sara has decided to make her own way in the world; I suppose it's to set her up for Legends of Tomorrow, but it does seem rather abrupt.

In an interview with, executive producer of Arrow, Wendy Mericle said:

“Sara is grappling with these really big issues. She’s still going to have the bloodlust and these issues to deal with, so she’s got to go find a different way of handling it. The way that Thea has chosen to deal with hers is not going to work for Sara.”

Whereas Sara Lance actor Caity Lotz said:

"She’s a wanderer, she’s a little bit of a gypsy. She has that in her soul where she never quite feels at home. That keeps driving her away. Hopefully they know her well enough that they would be accepting of it.”

At least her friends on Arrow will know she's off somewhere fighting for good. Anyway, I'm sure we'll see her back on Arrow occasionally to pay her family a visit.



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