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*Potential 'Arrow' Spoilers Lie Ahead.*

Before I begin let me just say, this is simply a theory I've come across that I wanted to share with fellow Arrow fans. Not necessarily because it will happen, but because it could happen, and the implications of this could have a huge influence on the main cast.

We all know that John Diggle joined Team Arrow to find out what happened to his brother. Since then we've had a handful of episodes devoted to finding out who killed Andy Diggle; it turns out it was Floyd Lawton, a.k.a. 'Deadshot.'

There was also an episode this season which revealed that Andy Diggle was killed because he opposed Darhk; yes, apparently Diggle's brother was a crime lord!

However, a theory has recently come into circulation, one which I find particularly interesting. Not necessarily because I think it will happen, but because it actually makes some sense.

What if Andy Diggle isn't really dead?

Now, I know this might sound ridiculous, but hear me out for a moment. For starters, we know Deadshot was hired to kill Andy by H.I.V.E., which is run by Damien Darhk.

We also know Darhk is a former member of the League of Shadows, and that after he escaped he took with him water from the Lazarus Pit. This means that Darhk is the only person with access to the regenerative powers of the Pit.

It has also been revealed to us that Darhk's followers are willing to take a cyanide pill to avoid capture. So what if his loyal followers take cyanide capsules with the knowledge that their godlike leader might revive them in the future? Not only is this possible, but likely, as I imagine Darhk wouldn't care about his men being overly-aggressive or bloodthirsty.

This theory comes to us from 'Theempirewritesback,' who claim that they've found a moment in Arrow when Diggle unknowingly came across his brother. Now, even I have to admit that during the episode I wondered why this Darhk goon let Diggle live. Have a look.

The Discussion

Now this isn't conclusive proof that Andy Diggle is alive, however, considering we didn't receive an explanation for this close call, it's possible Diggle might reference this moment in the future.

Considering Deadshot was certain he killed Diggle's brother, it's worth considering why Darhk would revive and hire his former competitor. I can only speculate that it would be as a show of power and dominance.

Not to forget that Darhk sent Detective Lance to erase official government files on certain people, one of which was Andy Diggle. Why would Darhk care about a man who's been dead that long?

I'll admit I did wonder why the CW were dragging out this Diggle plot considering his brother is long dead. But this would make perfect sense, if it turns out his brother is alive and well.

Also, it goes without saying that we need more plots centered around Diggle, he is after all the new figurehead of Team Arrow; thus it would be logical to have delve more into his personal story, but this time with a team of heroes behind him.


What do you think of this theory?

(Source: Theempirewritesback, Bustle.)


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