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Psyonix sure know how to hand out free DLC for Rocket League with style. Hell, even paid DLC is amazing in this game - have you seen that Back to the Future car pack?! Astounding! But if you've played Rocket League recently, you'll have noticed that there was a new patch out, one which introduced a TON of mutators into the game!

These mutators range from changing the length of a match, all the way to to the ball size. YOU CAN MAKE IT GIGANTIC! All of these mutators really change how you play one of 2015's greatest games, and some of them work so well together. Therefore, we thought we'd throw a fun list of mutators up here that you should try out together!

Rocket League: New Patch Brings Tons of Mutators In the Form of Free DLC

Rocket League
Rocket League

Let's take a look at all of the new additions that this DLC has brought us in terms of mutations first:

  • Match Length – You can now change the length of a match to 5 mins, 10 mins, 20 mins, or just unlimited.
  • Game Speed – Default speed no longer challenging? Now you can try out Slo-Mo and Time Warp, the latter of which is insane!

  • Ball Max Speed – You can also change the speed of the ball, with the following variables: slow, fast, and very fast.

  • Max Score – Leave it at unlimited, or set a cap at 1 goal, 3 goals, or 5 goals. Makes things a bit more intense.

  • Respawn Time – Change the respawn time of demolished cars with one of these three options: 3 seconds, 2 seconds, or 1 second.

  • Ball Type - Always wanted to play Rocket League with a cube-shaped ball? Well, now you can!

Rocket League
Rocket League
  • Ball Weight – If the physics of the ball have become second nature to you, confuse yourself all over a gain by changing its weight to light, heavy, or super light.

  • Ball Size - Small, large, or gigantic. You know which one of these you need to try, right?

  • Ball Bounciness - Low, high, and super high are the three options that are now available to you in this department. Things can get crazy.

  • Boost Amount – Default, Unlimited, Recharge (Slow), Recharge (Fast), No Boost

  • Boost Strength – 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 10x are all of the options, and let me tell you, the last one is extraordinary.

  • Gravity – Want to play Rocket League with crazy gravitational pulls? Now you can, with low, high, and super high gravity options!

  • Demolish – Default, Disabled, Friendly Fire, On Contact, On Contact (FF)

Rocket League
Rocket League

Mutator Combinations That You Need in Your Life!

Now that we've seen all of the new updates to this fantastic game, let's examine which ones work well together. Though first off, let's just say that while the option is nice, 5 mins is the perfect amount of time for a Rocket League match. Any longer and the game loses some of its immediacy and power. But here's some of the mixes that we've really enjoyed!

  • Super High Bounciness, with Super Light ball physics, in conjunction with the Beach Ball size. Madness.
  • On Contact demolitions, with 10x Boost Strength, with the score limit set to 1 or 3. Yet again, madness.
  • Slow Mo, On Contact demolition, with Super High gravity option on.
  • No Boost, Small Ball Size, and Max Speed for the Ball. Good luck.

Have any fun combinations that you think we should all try out? Then let us know in the comments below Rocket League fans!


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