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This year has almost made us all keel over and give up as the slew of relationship breakdowns all but confirmed that love in Hollywood was well and truly dead.

And as you probably know, Gwen Stefani and her rocker husband Gavin Rossdale did not survive the onslaught either, ending their 13 year marriage in the most heartbreaking way ever.

According to sources, the British frontman of rock band Bush had a three-year affair with the Australian nanny employed to look after their three sons Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 20 months!

As the story goes, Gwen confronted her husband about his long-standing affair with Mindy Mann in February last year. Another nanny employed by the family had found nudes of Mann on the family iPad and alerted Gwen, who went on to discover a series of naughty texts indicating arrangements to meet up to do the dirty.

As soon as she was found out, Mann was fired immediately.

Gavin with Mann
Gavin with Mann

Yet, amongst all this pain and heartbreak, another thing has come to everyone's attention, further exacerbating the scandal. If you stop for a moment, you can see something definitely off about Mann -- she's totally channeling Gwen's signature look! And a series of recently posted images on her Facebook confirms her efforts to go out of her way to look just like her. Check out the eerie copycat photos below:

If that's not a Gwen lookalike, I don't know what is.

Mann originally started working for the couple in a temporary position, and when she became full-time she reportedly began mimicking Gwen's unique fashion sense. So much so, that she even dyed her hair red, just like the singer's back in the day.

What did Gwen think about all of this? Well, apparently she also agreed that this severe case of mimicry was far from normal. A source told US Weekly:

"If Gwen would eat something or do a workout or get a new handbag, Mindy would do the same thing. Gwen thought it was weird."

Poor Gwen!



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