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Above is the trailer for e7 of season 4 of arrow.

Spoilers ahead

So apparently Diggle's brother is alive? I really don't like this because he was kinda like a fighting motivation for Diggle. But before somebody hired Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) to kill Andy Diggle. After Deadshot's "Death" the killer was avenged. Diggle was working with the suicide squad and i just wonder if that will continue. I loved the suicide squad on Arrow. Deadshot was my favorite till they killed him off. He's probably not dead because ARROW DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO KEEP A CHARACTER DEAD!!!!!!

It really makes no sense to me why they would bring him back. These episodes aren't doing anything they are just rescue missions for Palmer and Andy. I hope suicide squad shows up this episode. But who knows maybe Andy could join team arrow (which is now basically the Justice League). There are so many ways they can go with him. How will this affect Diggle?

If Diggle leaves team Arrow then I will not watch the show. But anyway, Andy is being controlled by H.I.V.E. so he's bad. Team Arrow will attempt to bring him back. I don't like this because Arrow can't seem to keep characters dead like Malcolm Merlyn, Thea, Sara, and now Andy. The only character I think needs to come back from the dead now is Deadshot. He is such a good character and he is one of my favorites. What do you think though? Let me know in the comments below!

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-Lex Munn


What do you think of Andy Diggle coming back


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