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The film was pretty cool. It started off wierdly. The opening scene was too much promising as we could see the four people hanged in a tree and the rope being pulled by someone not in the picture. The investigative crime book writer here in the story, Ellison Oswalt, at the first place did not even made her wife suspect in which new house they went in. The Deputy So-and-so was pretty handy at the climax when he said about the links in the murder of the families. He also mentioned that all five families lived in the house where the previous was murdered in a chronological order. It went down like this:

The Stevensons moved in there where the Oswalt's were living but previously they lived in the St.Louis house where the Millers had their throat cut; but before that the Millers lived in the house in Orange County where there was the De Luzio lawn massacre incident. But then again previously the De Luzio's lived in the house where dwelled the Martinez who were burned in their own garage. Now the Oswalt's have moved to their own house but for a time they were living in the house where the latest murder was committed. Now this link makes a lot of sense because it is unique and quite uncommon and as Professor Jonas said that according to the early Christians Bughuul actually lived among the images, those images were the gateway to his realm. Especially the children who were exposed in those images were absolutely vulnerable to Bughuul's possession or abduction. At that point Ellison brought up a valid point that if the images or engravings or emblems were destroyed then Bughuul would not be able to possess anyone from this world. But this point was not explained later. I would like to point out here that the thing Mr.Oswalt said was relevant.

If images are the only gateway of Bughuul to enter in this world then if we all erase or destroy any images of it then he would not be able to come in this world. After knowing this also Ellison watched those "home movies" DVD's with extended cut endings where he found out that the missing children of each of the families were possessed and they murdered their own family by Bughuul's order. At that time he already came into the light about how he might have fallen into the murdering timeline as he moved. So here's another thing i would like to point out that why Mr.Oswalt did not run away with his family knowing that he had fallen in the same timeline of murders of Bughuul, he just basically ignored it. Then again after seeing the extended cut videos he did not even realise that her daughter had fallen prey to Bughuul and as a result the Oswalt family was murdered too and there was the missing child of the family, their daughter, Ashley.

So it was an average movie to me overall. It could have been better considering the following two points:
1. If Mr.Oswalt did not ignore or rather realised the fact that his family is being targeted, he could have moved out to save them.
2. Considering he ignored the fact of his family been fallen into the timeline of the murders and the fact of burning/destroying the images which he himself came up with, why did he watch the extended cut videos? He could have burned them straightway. Ofcourse it had to be shown or else as to who actually did commit the murders would have been remained a suspense, but in that way he and his family atleast would be alive.


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