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New posters for "Alice Through the Looking Glass" are out, and it appears stars Anne Hathaway and Johnny Depp will have the power to control time.

It has been five years since Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland," and while fans may be doubtful if new director, James Bobin, is set to make the film, it appears Disney's sequel promises an equally enticing film with a talented cast.

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Johnny Depp reprises his role as the Mad Hatter in "Alice Through the Looking Glass." Mia Wasikowska plays Alice, while the White Queen and Red Queen are portrayed by the same award-winning actresses, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter, respectively.

Other characters introduced in the "Alice in Wonderland" sequel include Rhys Ifans as Mad Hatter's father, Zanik Hightopp as the Mad Hatter, Andrew Scott as Addison Bennett, and the talented Sacha Baron Cohen will be playing the role of imposing Time, according to The Inquisitr.

Director James Bobin's repertoire include "Muppets Most Wanted," as well as the "Flight of the Conchords."

According to the Daily Mail, new posters (shown in the link below), has recently released five new posters to keep fans excited for the sequel.

Click here to check out new posters of "Alice Through The Looking Glass" characters.

In the posters, the main characters hold chromospheres, which reportedly give them the powers to control time.

"Everyone wants [it]. Alice needs it, but the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) wants it most of all," according to producer Suzanne Todd. "It basically powers time moving forward."

Todd adds that Sacha Baron Cohen's character, Time, is someone to be wary of in the film, "Alice Through the Looking Glass."

"Not someone you want as your enemy... He's definitely the kookiest of all," added Todd. "His comedy won't feel like Ali G, and it won't feel like Borat. It feels like it fits into our world."

"Alice Through the Looking Glass" producers said they thought of using time to create an equally interesting plot as "Alice in Wonderland," reported Entertainment Weekly.

"At first, a story didn't originally present itself," Suzanne explained. "So we took a long time to settle on this idea that was interesting to all of us, which was to take on the concept of time."

Time, says Todd, is part-human, part-clock. The plot of the film will have Alice going back to London, in an attempt to help the Mad Hatter.

"Alice Through the Looking Glass" is set for release May 27, 2016.

Check out "Alice Through the Looking Glass" trailer


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