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Haider Rifaat

The winter finale of the hit TV series How to Get Away with Murder season two is only an episode away. The fans will finally learn the truth about the twisted mystery surrounding the possible murder (or not) of Annalise Keating (played by the legendary Viola Davis.) The premise of the show revolves around five ambitious first year law students and their mysterious criminal law professor who get embroiled in a murder investigation.

The writers of HTGAWM are headed somewhere big this year given the show's riveting story line. The current season of the series revolves around the Hapstall case but fans are dying to know who shot (or stabbed) Annalise. We are not sure who and why someone would attack her but given the show's unique plot, it seems pretty obvious that the shooting has something to do with the Hapstall case.

Is the murder scene a devised setup to evade yet another crime? There is nothing much I can say about the upcoming winter finale of the show, however my theory suggests that Annalise set up her own death trap in order to win the Hapstall case. Furthermore, in last week's episode, we saw Emily Sinclair in the flashback scene. It seemed as if she knew something vital about Annalise and her crew of seven. For now, it all boils down to answers and hopefully, tonight’s episode might provide some revealing clues about the winter finale set to air next week on ABC.

Who do you think killed Annalise? Any theories you'd like to share?


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