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Karly Rayner

Justin Bieber has been running around saying 'Sorry' to all of sundry recently, including finally burying the hatchet with Seth Rogan, but it looks like the Canadian pop child has also found the time to pack making new friends into his busy schedule of groveling.

One of the latest celebs to be baptized as a Belieber via the medium of Instagram is none other than Jennifer Aniston who was snapped in a cute black and white selfie with the singer yesterday:

The Aniston-Bieber selfie was probably taken on the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where Justin is camping out all week to promote his Purpose album release during the aptly named 'Bieber Week.'

Who knows if we will get to see this unlikely double act interact in the flesh on the show at a later date, and if they do, I hope some of Jen's famous sense of humor rubs off! If Bieber could learn to laugh at himself instead of flipping poor, innocent chairs, maybe the world would be a brighter place!


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