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Day 12 of 22


Not much in terms of news, but there's a slightly extended version of the clip from yesterday here.

Picture of the Day

Here we have another look at The Elephant Graveya- I mean Outlands. Here we have Chungu flying in, most likely to report the news of the new Lion Guard being formed. Again this place is lovely, and I adore all the details. The dead trees, the rocks, the dark clouds and that fire, all mesh together to bring us such an evil place.

Things to Ponder

"Will Kion and Kiara's relationship become better at the end of the film?"

As shown the preview clip Kion and Kiara seem to have some intense sibling rivalry going on (Although nothing close to Scar and Mufasa.)

However in a trailer it's shown Kiara is stuck in a gazelle stampede. The same trailer also shows The Lion Guard fighting off hyenas. Is it possible after this Kiara would have respect for her little brother? "What are you going to grow up to be little brother?" could turn into, "Wow! You're going to be The Lion Guard!"?

What I'm doing Today

Getting new glasses

Captioning YouTube videos

Contributing to Lion Guard Wikia


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