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Oh, dear...

From Donald Trump to Demi Lovato, several celebrities have broken their silence and weighed in on the most ridiculous debate of the year: The Starbucks red cup debate.

The discussion started shortly after Starbucks switched to their holiday-themed cups and people started noticing the simplicity of the design. Where are the Christmas symbols? Surely there should be a reindeer or an elf or something? Personally, I don't see a problem with this, but certain people jumped to the conclusion that Starbucks must be waging war on Christmas and Christians alike. The hashtag was created and Christians across the nation came up with a clever plot. When a Starbucks employee asks what your name is you simply answer, "Merry Christmas." That way they will be forced to put the word Christmas on the cup.

Social media has been flooded with different reactions, some think this is the best idea ever while others argue that we certainly have more important issues at hand.

Celebrities join the debate

It's not just us mere mortals that stay awake at night thinking about red cups, celebrities have also taken to social media to voice their mixed opinions.

Even Donald Trump, who really should be busy thinking about other things (like his next hair cut) shared his opinion on the matter:

"I have one of the most successful Starbucks, in Trump Tower. Maybe we should boycott Starbucks? [...] If I become president, we're all going to be saying Merry Christmas again, that I can tell you. That I can tell you."

Ellen DeGeneres won the whole debate

Of all the people who have talked about the Starbucks "scandal," Ellen has got to be my favorite. She literally just made fun of the whole thing while simultaneously coming up with a clever solution. Just put these Christmas glasses on and your holiday is safe. I vote Ellen for president you guys.

Starbucks reply

Following the controversy Starbucks posted a statement on their website explaining the thought behind the red cup. They explained that the reason they didn't include any Christmas ornaments on this year's cup is because they want to include all customers, no matter what religion they belong to.

Creating a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity is one of the core values of Starbucks, and each year during the holidays the company aims to bring customers an experience that inspires the spirit of the season. Starbucks will continue to embrace and welcome customers from all backgrounds and religions in our stores around the world.

Considering the fact that Starbucks is a global company with shops all across the world this makes perfect sense. Their customers are not just Christian Americans. Countries such as Kuwait and Saudi-Arabia where Islam is the main religion both have Starbucks, and you can also get yourself a Pumpkin Spiced Latte in Japan, where Buddhism and Shinto are the most common religions.

Think about this for a second

If you're one of those who go to Starbucks and tell them your name is Merry Christmas there are a couple of things you should probably reconsider. The first thing is that if you're so upset with Starbucks it really doesn't make much sense to buy their products in the first place. You are literally supporting the company you are angry with. The second thing is this: The Starbucks cup has been non-Christian all along. The Starbucks logo is a naked twin-tailed mermaid, and I can't think of anything less Christian than that. Just think about it, why would a mermaid need two tails?

Let's all hope this debate will be put to rest soon, because there are definitely more interesting things we could talk about. Like the fact that Nintendo are releasing games for our smartphones and they're going to be FREE!

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