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After the recent trailers for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, the fans' focus was firmly on characters Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren. The mystery surrounding these characters has perplexed even the best fan theorists. Even further attention has been paid towards Luke Skywalker's absence from the trailers and poster. With all of the focus being on these characters, one particular newcomer has sort of been left in the dark, although recent images show that he may be one of the most important characters yet!

These images and theories might be mild spoilers, and if you want to avoid any spoilers before the movie comes out, I would advise you to click away now. You have been warned.

Okay, still here? Perfect, because now it's time to talk about Poe Dameron. Oscar Issac's character was one of the first to be revealed during The Force Awaken's production, and he was one of the first characters we saw in the first teaser trailer. However, all we know about him is that he is an X-Wing pilot. He is pretty much the Wedge Antilles of this film, so why is he getting all this attention? Why is he in the poster? Why was Kylo Ren torturing him?

Well to answer that, let's take a look at this image from Entertainment Weekly.

Okay, at the surface there isn't all that much to be surprised with. We've seen Finn in his stormtrooper outfit before. We've actually even seen Finn and Poe interact before. However, there are a few details here that should shed some light on the events at hand.

First, take a look at Poe's current state. He is obviously a bit disheveled, and he has some blood on his face, making it likely that the image takes place just after Poe gets tortured by Kylo Ren. This sets a time-frame on the event, as we see Finn is still in his stormtrooper outfit. That means this all takes place before Finn ditches the First Order and ends up on Jakku with Rey.

Another detail to focus on is Poe's choice of garb. That jacket he's wearing should look familiar, because you've seen it before. In fact, look at this image of Finn and Rey on Jakku:

That's right, Finn's jacket is the exact same as Poe's in the other image we saw. This could potentially supply a lot of plot information for the beginning of the movie. This could even explain why Finn left the First Order. He could have been witnessing Poe's torture, and he might have felt some sort of sympathy towards him. If he sprung Poe out of his holding cell and helped him escape, you know Finn would have to get out of there as well. Perhaps that's why he jettisoned to Jakku, to escape Kylo Ren's wrath.

That would also lend some more depth to this scene in the trailer:

You can tell in that moment that those two have some secret between them. They have something that happened between them, and it could very well be the escapade in the First Order facilities.

Sure, many questions may have been answered by the image of Poe and Finn, but many still remain. Why is Poe so important?


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