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At the end of episode 8, Edward Nygma had pretty much became a full blown villain – he had previously murdered Ms. Kringle and was in the process of burying her body in the woods. He was disturbed in doing so by a hunter who sadly suffered the same fate as Ms. Kringle, in what has to be one of the most entertaining descents into madness ever.

Killing this second person, however, created a problem and Nygma had to go fetch some more resources to dispose of the bodies. When he returned, there was a trail of blood leading away from the scene of the crime (and through his lovely and charming picnic set).

Edward followed this trail to a strange trailer in the woods only to be caught by The Penguin, who had obviously been living there since he was shot in the arm trying to kill Theo Galavan, and he did not look good.

Two of the greatest Batman villains will finally be coming together on the show. I mean, the two have met already in one of my more favored scenes from Season 1, and there was already an incredibly entertaining dynamic to them then.

As entertaining as their meeting was in Season 1, I'm really looking forward to where these two characters go next, especially as they've delved deeper into their internal madness. I'm going to guess from the looks of it that Nygma will help The Penguin get back on his feet while learning a thing or two about what it means to be a true villain. Their dynamic as characters now should be nothing short of amazing, given all that they both have been through, and I'm really looking forward to how much they'll help each other develop. They are two of the more entertaining characters on the show after all.

In an interview with the International Business Times last week, Cory Michael Smith (who plays Edward Nygma) said Nygma will look up to Penguin as a role model in a way, after embracing the dark side of himself. He said,

"It'll happen conveniently for Nygma because at this point he's embraced this part of himself and he doesn't exactly know what to do, but he knows exactly who Oswald is and if there's ever someone to study or inquire about it would be Mr. Cobblepot."

During episode 8, Bruce Wayne made the decision not to sign away the control of Wayne Enterprises to Theo Galavan. But when he did this, he decided to turn down the folder which contained the name of the person who killed his parents. When the police raided Theo's place, he threw the folder into the fire and left Bruce still without answers. Bruce will continue to question Theo in episode 9 and will try to put pressure on Theo to give him the name.

Jim Gordon didn't waste anytime in trying to take down Theo Galavan after discovering the truth. Mayor James was discovered captive thanks to crazy old Barbara, and he gave Gordon and his strike force the evidence they needed to arrest Theo for kidnapping and he will now set his eyes on a new target in Season 2, episode 9, titled "A Bitter Pill to Swallow," as seen in the promo video released for next week's episode.

With Theo under arrest, Gordon will continue his mission to try and clean up Gotham. Gordon will come across a hit man that will push him to his limit. The promo video reveals Gordon will come close to crossing the line, while Barnes tells him that only the law is the line that separates men from the animals.

This season has already lived up to its tag line of "Rise of the Villains," and I personally can't wait to see the madness that begins to unleash once The Penguin and Nygma join forces. It will be a true master and apprentice story that will continue to build upon the momentum that surely has us driving towards an epic mid-season finale.

Gotham has rapidly become one of my favorite shows that I look forward to each week, and I can't praise it enough. I'm eagerly awaiting more interesting takes on our favorite villains from Gotham City, just please don't bring the ice puns when Mr. Freeze turns up.

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