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When one of the longest running and most revered movie franchises releases a new film it’s no question that expectations are going to be high as fans eagerly anticipate what is next for their favorite character, a Bond movie is no exception, especially with a name like SPECTRE and the possibilities brings.

In this episode of The 602 Club host M is joined by OO agents John Champion and Norman Lao talk about SPECTRE. We discuss our first impressions, continuing Bond, it’s all connected, an interesting question, under siege, new characters, Bond in love, the one ring, theme and music, if their were too many spy movies this year, mission evaluation, rankings and listener feedback.


There are few icons that find themselves still going as strongly as James Bond after being in pop culture for over 50 years. His stock skyrocketed on his 50th anniversary with the release of the 23rd film in the series. Bolstered by Sam Mendes as director, Roger Deakins as director of photography and a theme song by Adele that became a monster hit in it’s own right, Skyfall has become one of the most beloved movies in the James Bond saga.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by 00 agents John Champion and Norman Lao to talk about Skyfall. We discuss continuing Bond, the 50th anniversary, the shadows, new characters, an enemy that was once on the inside, the music and theme, wrapping up with our ratings.

Quantum of Solace.

Just hours before the the start of Writers Guild of America Strike on November 7th, 2007, Paul Haggis finished the script for the new James Bond movie. Unfortunately the strike would keep him from being able to polish the script, a task that would fall to actor Daniel Craig and director Marc Forster during filming.

In this episode of The 602 Club Matthew Rushing is joined by John Champion to talk about Quantum of Solace. We discuss Bond vs the writers, it being a sequel, growing Bond, heroes and villains being all mixed up, the villain and Quantum, things we liked and didn’t, watching the movie now, ratings, the song and our final thoughts.

Casino Royale.

After Die Another Day, the Bond franchise found itself in an interesting place, the movie had become the highest grossing Bond movie ever, yet it had left Bond occupying a fantasy world more that the real one. The decision was made to bring Bond back to his roots and make Casino Royale, now that it's rights had finally been secured.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by John Champion and Norman Lao to talk about Casino Royale. We discuss grounding Bond, the legitimacy of reboots and origin stories, the blonde Bond, Bond's history, a Bond-ing, when Bond strikes, feeling the Bond, Le Chiffre and our final thoughts and ratings.


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