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Pokemon is a great game series and a successful TV series, but it is a game that couldn't work as a live action movie. Capturing and forcing animals to fight just isn't going to work as a real life type thing. Also the Pokemon themselves would look just creepy and hard to recognise

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros has already tried to be a movie and it didn't work. but lets be honest, a giant mushroom kingdom with mushroom people, turtle/dinosaur creatures and eating magic mushrooms to power up would make zero sense if it was live action.


Rayman, is a strange game. To start with, might work as an animated film maybe, but it is quite old, and not as beloved like Mario and has almost no chance of live action. It's about a guy with no arms, no legs, and hair that can work as helicopter blades. Going to these outlandish worlds can be quite fun, but maybe this series should stay a video game.

Metal Gear Solid

I know! Crazy, right? Metal Gear Solid is a fantastic video game series with great stories, action and lore. The problem is, there is too much lore and plot to make it anything as good as the games. It will only disappoint, so, why not just keep it as a video game?


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