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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to be one of the biggest movies of all time with critics predicting box office records being destroyed and ticket sites crashing. It is set to make a splash in the space time continuum but that isn't the only thing set to make a splash in. If you weren't planning on seeing Star Wars but you're a major comic book fan, then you might have reason to spend a couple dollars to see this movie. Want to know why? Because there might be possibly four new comic book movie trailers premiering in front of The Force Awakens. One of them is already confirmed to premiere and as you all know by now that one is...

X-Men: Apocalypse.

Yes beloved X-Men fans, the very first trailer for the upcoming 2016 installment will premiere in front of Star Wars on the 18th of December. This isn't really shocking at all as around this time of the year a first trailer for the film should be released. It has been confirmed that the trailer will be very new and not the one that saw lukewarm criticism at San Diego Comic-Con. Maybe with better visual effects this time around since the film has been completed, the villain Apocalypse could have better fan reception after the backlash that was received when his look was first released. Regardless, the trailer will be nice to see on the big screen.

Now, here comes our second possible trailer releasing with The Force Awakens on the 18th. This one is on the verge of being released "very soon," and is associated with Disney just like Star Wars, can you guess what it is?

Captain America: Civil War

The trailer that every Marvel fan wants to embrace in their big arms. There has been heavy rumors that the Civil War will premiere before The Force Awakens. The rumor makes too much sense as they are both Disney-related films and it would be a brilliant marketing strategy to promote Captain America: Civil War in packed theaters. Even though Marvel isn't saying anything about when the first trailer will debut, it's a safe bet to assume that Star Wars is the primary candidate to premiere it with. Get ready to see your very first look at Captain America vs. Iron Man Marvel fans.

Who likes chimichangas?


Yup you guessed right, a new Deadpool trailer is set to hit sometime in December confirmed by the producer of the film. Fox hasn't confirmed when the second Deadpool trailer will hit other than the producer saying it will drop in December. Obviously one would assume that it premiering with Star Wars would be the most logical choice since it is the best choice to market the film. Of course a red band type of trailer won't be shown in theaters, but that doesn't mean an adult joke won't be thrown in at least once or twice. I can't see Fox wasting an opportunity to not only promote one but two of their biggest movies of next year, as it's just too much of a great opportunity to pass on. Hey, wouldn't it be nice if Deadpool broke the fourth-wall and made a Star Wars reference during the previews to amp up the crowd? Let's hope Ryan thinks of that idea.

And last but not least, the giant behemoth that is sure to break records during the year of 2016. The movie that is cinematic history in the making, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you....

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Comic book fans (especially DC fans) were glad to hear that another Batman v Superman trailer will come by the end of this year. With all the trailer rumor speculation these past couple of months of when another trailer can be expected, we can all be relieved that another two minute cut of epicness will be dropping very soon. Charles Roven, the producer for the film, did hint subtly that the trailer could be attached to Star Wars, as Star Wars is going to be playing in a whole bunch of theaters which presents the chance to market the film really well. Having the biggest movie of 2016 along with the biggest movie of this year isn't a bad idea...not at all. And me personally, I want to experience the third trailer on the big screen just to get a taste of what to expect next March.

Showing all these trailers before Star Wars is going to get the crowd so hyped up that they almost get forget about the movie they all paid money to see. But seriously if the rest of these three movies end up being attached to the biggest movie of 2015, then it is going to add to what should be an already fantastic experience.

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