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To say the second season of Empire has been a whirlwind so far would probably be one of the biggest understatements in TV blogging history. We've come to expect the unexpected and the fact of the matter is this: if you're still finding yourself being shocked by this show you need to adjust how you digest it. Just suspend disbelief and go with it. That's my best advice.

Each episode gets crazier and crazier, and the amount of plot twists and turns each week is guaranteed to make us go "that's so Empire" Wednesday after Wednesday. But we know what we signed up for... and I have to say Timbaland and the rest of the music collaborators have been holding it down deep into the second season with the backdrop - the music.

Here's a breakdown of the five songs from last night's episode, "True Love Never"

1. Boom Boom Boom Boom (ft. Lucious Lyon and Freda Gatz [as Bre-Z])

The main hit from the season, besides maybe 'Snitch Bitch', 'Boom Boom Boom Boom' has probably one of the best beats the show has seen up to this point. It's rhythmic but hardcore and it packs even more of a punch now that Lucious appears to be trading his actual son for a girl that he sees a lot of himself in.

If you recall, he originally wanted to give the beat to Hakeem, but their beef prevented from the collaboration. He then signed Freda Gatz, the up-and-coming more troubled rapper who rides the beat well. Overall, I would give Boom Boom Boom Boom a 7.5/10 mostly because it has good raps, a great, beat, but a fairly boring hook.

2. Heavy (ft. Jamal Lyon)

Another fairly turnt down track here from Jamal Lyon. I can't blame him, though. He's got a lot on his mind right now. He's working to keep Empire together, he needs to "lead" as he mentions in the song, but he also is starting to realize a lot of his success comes from collaborating with his mom, Cookie.

I like this song, but I have heard better from Jamal. I would give it a 6.5/10 and I'm hoping he'll up his game soon, because I thought he was the star of season one singing-wise and he's not keeping up as well with his season-one Jamal, in my opinion. He's capable of more.

3. Mimosa (ft. Laura and the Mirage a Trois Ladies)

The fact that Hakeem is constantly spitting game at pretty much any girl that shows interest in him proves he's a man-whore of sorts. However, if you told him that I don't think he would be overly offended. His new love is apparently Laura who he teaches to swag out in order to become the lead in Hakeem's trio of hispanic singers called 'Mirage a Trois' (great name, by the way).

Mimosa is a carefree tongue-in-cheek song about every yoga pant wearing girl in California's favorite brunch item: of course, bottomless mimosas. The problem is that I am not even sure if these girls are 21 yet. But yeah, leaving that aside, this song is playful and fun and definitely a 7/10. Seem high? Well, whenever there's a line about getting mimosas with a dude named Timothy... and then saying you aren't sure that's his name... and you're drinking mimosas at 10am. You have me hooked.

4. Yo Vivire (ft. Laura)

This 'I Will Survive' Spanish version is so beautiful that it's almost scary. I don't even necessarily think it was the right fit for the show, but this was Laura's coming out party of sorts. I'll go ahead and slap an 8/10 on her for one of the more powerful moments from the show.

5. Born to Love U (Math Club Remix) (ft. Jamal Lyon)

This is just a remix that actually hurt the original song, in my opinion. However, I respect it. This is one of my favorite songs from the current season and the more it gets played the better in my opinion. 9/10.


Sidenote: Freda is battle tested, so does Hakeem stand a chance in their square-off?

Hakeem and Freda's battle. Like... what? Of course Hakeem is going to get roasted, right? You're wrong. I think he's got a trick up his sleeve, and with the help of Jamal he'll figure out a way to come with some bars. There's going to be a lot at stake in this battle, so I hope Hakeem comes correct.

Episode 8 is guaranteed to be nuts, just like all the others. And I am fully onboard and thoroughly engaged.


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