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i've watched many movies, shows, anime, haven't read a lot of comic books (unavailable in my country) but no one is perfect right i'm just s
Mohamed Jegham

one punch man is a great anime that deserves the hype it's been getting but with every hyped show people will hate on it for no reason and before even watching it, while some others would expect to find an anime without any faults due to all the hype but for me "one punch man" is a great anime but not a perfect anime and i'll give it a solid 8.5 and here is why :

Awesome fighting scenes


Awesome Drawings
thanks to the famous Madhouse studio of course
thanks to the famous Madhouse studio of course
A different take on superheroes

we all know the normal structure of a superhero who slowly gain powers and learn to use it while he overcome his challenges while One punch man take a new take that parodies the classic superhero and i have to say this take was much need

Great comedy

This anime combined fighting and dark scenes with light comedy that makes you laugh for the simplicity of this anime and it's comedy for a refrence the scene when saitama fails to kill a mosquito made me fall off my chair from laughing

and to end my argument for this anime i just have to say

The hero is BOLD
Do i have to say anything else
Do i have to say anything else

thanks for reading pliz share your review of this great anime and anything you like to add


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