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After Frozen broke box office records for animated movies, it was no surprise to anyone when Disney ordered a sequel. Frozen 2 will be the studio's first sequel to a princess movie that is released to cinemas: no stranger to follow up films, Disney's sequels are usually banished to DVD (or if you remember the 90s, VHS) as soon as they're released. But the anticipation is high for Frozen 2, and fans are expecting the next movie to be just as awesome as the first. So what do we know so far about the film?

Plot Concept & Social Commentary

Honestly, there's not a lot we know already about the film. Director Chris Buck and writer Jennifer Lee have kept very quiet about the plot, which is understandable considering they probably haven't worked out the entire story yet. Work has begun on the script, and the duo are confident that the film will live up to the high expectations.

"We have an overall idea, a concept, which I think is a very strong one. I’m very excited about doing it."

The concept itself is difficult to pin down, but the creative team do seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on the social commentary and good messages they want to send with the film. This makes a lot of sense for them to play up this angle: Frozen has got a reputation for inspiring many people, from young girls to the LGBT community, thanks to its themes of acceptance and subverting the typical Disney trend of the prince saving the princess.

So if we know nothing else, it's that the creative team are aware of the films' impact, and that can only be a good thing.

"We will tackle other issues that, I think, are out there today that boys and girls, men and women, are dealing with. I think we’re very aware of what is happening in society. When the kids watch [Disney movies], they watch them over and over again, and if we don’t have a decent message in there, I think we’ve missed an opportunity."

Some people have taken this as a hint that Frozen 2 will feature a female love interest for Elsa, or the inclusion of Disney's first gay character. So far though, this is just a rumour.

Elsa's development though, does seem to be the driving force in Frozen 2, which is a good move considering the first movie mostly featured Elsa isolating herself.

Female Leads

Buck and Lee have stressed how Frozen 2 will focus on Elsa becoming more happy, and we'll definitely get to see more to her personality.

"[In Frozen] she had such a dramatic journey, and at the end she’s just starting to feel like she can open up and have some fun again. That’s what was really good about the short [Frozen Fever] – we could have fun with Elsa. And that personality … you will see in the next one."

This is definitely very heartening: will we see the newly crowned Queen Elsa strike out on a new adventure? Probably. And that's awesome.

Buck and Lee have also emphasised the importance of Elsa and Anna working together. With any luck, we'll actually get a plot where the two embark on an adventure together, solving problems and resolving their issues.

"We have two very strong female leads in Frozen. We will keep that going in the next one. We will tackle other issues that, I think, are out there today that boys and girls, men and women, are dealing with."

This is all very heartening, and there's no doubt that Frozen 2 will be just as good as, if not better, than the first movie! What would you like to see from the film? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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