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One thing I always found funny about the internet is that there are rules. I know, crazy right? One rule that people seem to have a lot of fun with though is Rule 63

"Rule 63: For every male character, there will be a female version of that character and vice versa."
-The Internet.

Such a rule has opened up a whole world of fan art for beloved characters. Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and a whole stable of others to draw from, it's endless really.

But does it have to stay strictly with art? How about we try making a show out of it? Taking a show, flipping the genders of the characters and see what happens.

Ready guys? Well...

Stacy Universe!

Art by: TiaBlackRaven on deviantart
Art by: TiaBlackRaven on deviantart

Now for this list, I'm only sticking with the main four characters. Mostly because they are what the show's about. There are great secondary characters and Steven's mom, but really we're here for these guys/gals. Without further ado let's start with...


In terms of style, Amethyst had always come across as sort of the grunge rocker of the group. Sloven style and a carefree attitude make her one of the more likable characters.

With only two songs to the character throughout the show's run, we can't really pick up what she would be considered musically. With that, however, I think a good match for a male Amethyst would be:

Caleb Hyles

Known on Youtube for his cover of the one song from that one Disney movie (Which I refuse to name, because the more we name it the more power it has). He has grown and shown quite a bit of range with the songs he's covered on his channel. Pop, anime, video games and even Broadway hits are a frequent on his channel. His songs are more about having fun with his audience and instilling the motto "Peace, Love and Metal" with his audience. His voice and demeanor for me just seems like he would be a good fit for our favorite purple slob.

Next, since we have one extreme, why not go to the other?


Prim, prissy and proper (all bow to the alliteration). The three p's that make up our knight in the name of Rose Quartz. Perpetually cleaning and making sure everything is perfect in her own way. She makes up that one kid in class who tries to be the best one ever, but keeps getting lumped in with everyone else. Not to her detriment though, she slowly learns to become more free and we learn that it's the source of her pain, and it shows through her songs which have a melancholic note to them despite the song.

Who could play this Gem? Well how about...

Sam Tsui

Another Youtube singer with a strong following. His music is fairly pop focused with mashups as well. His singing doesn't have that melancholic feel but it carries some similarities to Pearl's style and that kind of note can be made if the song is right. a key example being this:

Then again you get that with almost every Ed Sheeran song.

Well, time for the probably the most loved of the Gems. The Crystal Momma herself:


Art by Markusoo
Art by Markusoo

This is the one I think needs no real intro. It's friggin' Garnet. Regularly voiced by British pop singer, Estelle. She is the symbol for strength and bringing two opposites together and becoming awesome.

This one is kind of a break from the two youtube stars that I had chosen. This one is an already established star. If you don't know this man you'll want to.

Craig David

Another pop star on the list. Craig David's songs are usually of the romantic variety. Even a song about breaking up he made sound romantic. How do you even do that?!

You listen to that voice and you tell me you don't think he could be a good male Garnet. I dare you.

Welp, time for the star of the show guys. The Eponymous

Steve/Stacy/Stephanie Universe

TArt by: inkerPenDragon on Deviantart
TArt by: inkerPenDragon on Deviantart

The name for the female Steven is kind of a "choose at your own risk" kind of deal. There are a few names to choose from but the Stephanie and Stacy names seem to fit more for some reason. Bubbly, optimistic and always willing to go the distance for friends Steven is probably one of the best protagonist in recent TV. With so much love for such a character who could make a different version just as loved?

How about someone who already is?

Rowan Blanchard

We all know this girl as the daughter of the idealistic Cory and Topanga Matthews from Boy Meets World, and the main character of the show, Girl Meets World. A show that basically is the rule 63 within the same universe.

With the character pretty much the same I guess the best question is to find out one thing that people love about Steven. Can she sing?


Granted the video is from a few years ago, but we saw Steven progress through voices and I attribute that to him growing up himself. Zach Callison is the same actor for Steven and the voice changes are coming people.

Well, that's the list gang. What do you think? Any recommendations for Stevens friends and family? Anyone you thought would be better for the roles? Anyone else you guys want to see flipped? Let me know in the comments below and as always guys.


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