ByMick Madden, writer at

I have been reading all the different theories about Zoom. Now the most popular is the one that Zoom is Earth 2's Barry Allen but i disagree. For me I would not want to assume this, I have been rereading all the flash comics from the 2000's up.

This leads me to believe that they might go the way of the new 52. With Daniel West becoming Zoom! Now I know that he became the Reverse Flash in order to change his past, but it would be a woderful nod to the comics.

I know they have confrimed Wally West as Iris West's brother on Earth One. But take a second and think about it. What better way to showcase just how different Earth 2 is, have Joe be a like the druken bad father. Which drove Daniel to run away, looking for family with criminal gangs. Now some may think this is over played but with these writers it could be done so well.

So when the explosion happens Daniel is trying to rob Star Labs or Jay's Lab. Causing the same change in Jay but stronger in Daniel. In fact making him tap into only the negative side of the Speed Force. Which would explain the black or blue energy around him.

That story would be interesting, the othe way it could be done. Was if Daniel took Barry's place when the lightening struck. What I mean is that Barry was investigating a crime and Daniel was the main suspect in it. He breaks into the lab to convince Barry to drop it and kills him by mistake, right after this he is struck by lightining.

Wells then tries to help him but only succeeds in teaching him how to use his powers faster. Then Zoom is out commiting crimes, and Wells feels bad about it and that is way he is so mad at Jay beside his daughter. Because Jay is not fast enough to stop Zoom.


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