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Welcome readers of Moviepilot to my first series of articles that I'll be making from time to time called Predictions & Speculations.

Since none of you know how this is gonna work, allow me to explain: Each article I make specifically for this series will be on a form of media that has yet to be revealed to the public in any extent, including movies, TV shows, video games, books, etc. And if you haven't read the title of this article, today we're talking about the long-awaited, and yet unexpected, sequel to an amazing superhero Pixar film, The Incredibles.

When we got the teaser image a while back, I'm sure that a lot of people were surprised, but more people were hyped for this sequel. I'm also in that boat as well, since this gives us a chance to expand this particular moment within the Pixar Universe (If you believe in the Pixar Theory, that is).

The reason why I say this, is because there is a lot about The Incredibles we don't know about (A few of which we'll cover momentarily). And frankly, I want to know more. After all, we only got Mr. Incredible's point of view throughout most of the movie. So all in all, we know more about him than we do his own wife and kids, which is sad. I mean, we do learn of their personalities when they're a family. But there's still a lot I want to know.

So, now that we got how I feel about the movie out of the way, let's get right into my own personal predictions!

WARNING: Not an actual button!
WARNING: Not an actual button!


A while back, I looked on Wikipedia about Pixar, and I found out that there have been plans to make more sequels to films that only have one of them to their name, mainly to cash in on potential series and what not. Considering that alone, The Incredibles 2 makes a lot of sense in why it's happening. This has been planned for a while now, so there's a lot that can be done.

I also learned as to what the purpose of The Incredibles was. It wasn't about superheroes per SE, but rather, it was about the family dynamic, and how superheroes plays into that.

When it comes to what could potentially happen with The Incredibles 2, though, I have multiple different ideas (Some of them being the same in concept) as to what it could be about:

1. We'll Get To See Elastigirl's Perspective

This is one of the big ones. As I said previously, we saw things through Mr. Incredible more than anyone else in the movie (Even for a movie called The Incredibles, you'd think the perspective would have been more balanced). We know next to nothing about Elastigirl, minus the fact that she is a Super with Mr. Fantastic-styled powers, and was engaged to Mr. Incredible during the first few flashback scenes of the movie. That's it.

However, we did learn something very specific about Elastigirl in the past. It could mean something, it might not. Basically, we saw that she can be flirty whe she wants to be. Granted, that could just be because she was engaged to Mr. Incredible at the time, but it's something to look out for. She could have been a lot more flirty in her earlier years, leading to my first prediction about Elastigirl.

If anything, I say we might get to learn more about Elastigirl's past, especially points in time before being engaged to Mr. Incredible of all people. There's a lot of different angles that could be done with this. She could have a parent that was presumed dead and potentially returns as an evil Super, or an ex-boyfriend that is a Super who wanted to be a hero at one point but becomes evil after being dumped by Elastigirl because reasons.

There's a lot that could potentially be done with this. The writers of The Incredibles gave very little about Elastigirl that there's a lot of potential for what could possibly happen in her own past.

But of course, there's also another perspective that we can see:

2. We'll Get To See Violet's/Dash's Perspective

This is another one that can be done very easily. Since the two are fairly young throughout the movie, this would give the writers a chance to build them up as fairly complex characters that could go through their own experiences, and potentially have a family of their own, coming back to the family dynamic, a new one at that.

Much like Elastigirl's perspective, there's potential for for Violet to have some sort of ex-boyfriend that tries to get vengeance on her. However, with her, it could be a lot different.

Remember the guy Violet has been so nervous about talking to throughout the movie?Remember how the two finally hit it off in the end? Well, I predict that the two potentially split off because of bad circumstances, the ex declaring vengeance on her and becoming another Syndrome, just in a different way.

If anything, this could also be turned into the two eventually getting married, and eventually divorcing and leading back to vengeance. Violet having kids during this point without the ex-husbands notice could play a major role in that, too.

If not Violet, Dash could have either of those experiences in his future, having either an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife that gets vengeance on him. Though, the having kids part won't be apart of it, so that makes Dash going through one of these experiences less likely.

But, there's more. And this one, doesn't seem too far off from happening:

3. Syndrome Survives And Eventually Returns

Let's think about this for a moment. Some of you are probably gonna say that Syndrome by being sucked into the jet turbine via his cape. Well, how do we know that is the case?

Do we know if the turbine exploding was because of Syndrome colliding with it? Or did more time pass in between Syndrome being sucked in and the turbine exploding?

Remember that he made what was known as Zero Point Energy, which is a cross between paralysis and stopping time within the energy field. And he still had access to it even when being sucked in. So, who's to say that he didn't use it at the last minute to save himself, leading to the explosion that knocked him out of the energy field and far away from the Parr Residence?

If anything, Syndrome could just be severely scarred from that incident and will want vengeance even more than before. If anything, this would be a cop-out in my opinion. We don't need the same villain from the first movie to return. We've already established his character, so there's nothing else to do besides have him come up with a different plan to take down the Parr Family.

Actually, come to think of it, there might be a way to make it work somewhat, but again, I'll save that for the Speculation part.

I personally don't want this to happen, but it's something I thought about at one point. However, the next prediction I have is something I want to happen, for the sake of those who are unaware of things that came from the movie:

4. The Underminer Will NOT Be The Main Villain

Why would he? No, seriously, why would someone as irrelevant as the Underminer be the main villain in the sequel.

I mean, yeah, we can learn about his past and what not, but that's not really something to go on, as we already have a piece of media involving the Underminer. It's a video game made on the PlayStation 2 called The Incredibles: Rise of The Underminer. Why would they make the sequel about a villain who's only main appearance was a video game that took place after the first movie?

We know what happens in that game. Mr. Incredible and Frozone defeat Underminer and save the day again. That's all we need to know. Now, I remember someone telling me at one point the most logical conclusion as to who the main villain could be is the Underminer, based solely on the fact that he showed up at the end of the first movie. My rebuttal? The actual most logical conclusion is to NOT include the Underminer, whose main purpose was limited to that of a videogame, in the sequel as the main villain.

In fact, I want Underminer to not even be mentioned, because he's more or less irrelevant at this point in time.

Regardless, Predictions are over. Now it's time for some Speculation!


There is far too much to speculate about the movie's story itself, so I'll limit it as best as possible. Either way, let's talk about the first thing I want to bring up:

1. Where/When Will The Movie Take Place?

Probably one of the biggest things people will speculate about minus the story itself, we all wonder whether or not the movie will take place in the same city, along with how far in the future it may be in.

If anything, I'm smitten with it either being in the same city, or in a new fictional city. It's the matter of "when" that bugs me.

There's too much room in terms of when it'll take place. So I'll just keep a few that I think are most plausible.

First, it could just be a few months after the first movie ended, after the Underminer was dealt with and forgotten. From there, a lot of things could happen. The Supers being outlawed could be reconsidered by the government as too harsh, giving new Supers a chance to do some good. Though, there would be a lot more limitations in terms of what they can do. But that's something else entirely.

Second, it could take on the status of Prequel-Sequel, taking place before the first movie and going through the perspective of Mr. Incredible Sr, as it were, going through their own adventures that would inspire the current day Mr. Incredible to do what he does now.

Third, referring back to the movie being through Violet or Dash's perspective, the movie could take place when both or either of them are adults and have families of their own. Though, at this point, this is far less likely because we have yet to see Violet and Dash's character established that much. But, it's still possible.

Fourth, this could take place a few years after the first movie, when Jack-Jack is old enough to speak. Again, a lot of leeway with this, but it's still possible. I personally want to see what comes of Jack-Jack when he's old enough.

That brings me to my next topic:

2. What Will Happen To Jack-Jack?

For those who are unaware, Jack-Jack had his powers unleashed prematurely during a Pixar short that didn't happen during the main film (minus the voicemail snippets heard near the end of the movie that clue us in to what could have happened during that time), thus leading to a whole array of powers at his disposal. And as we all know, having access to something prematurely will have some serious consequences, bad or otherwise.

I personally believe that Jack-Jack will still have access to all of these powers as he gets older, making him the most powerful Super yet. SO far, we know that he can encompass his entire body in flame, turn himself into metal, float through the air, pass through walls, shoot lasers out of his eyes, and even turn in a demonic form Incredible Hulk-style, among other things.

That's six different powers at Jack-Jack's disposal, as far as I remember. And with that, it could be assumed that he could either end up a hero, or a villain with the powers that he has. And, referring back to Syndrome returning, if Jack-Jack were to become a villain and Syndrome survives his supposed death, he could end up being Jack-Jack's mentor in being the most powerful Super there ever was.

Who knows? What I'm thinking of might not happen at all. But it doesn't hurt to think of what could happen. Regardless, time for my favorite speculation topic out of them all:

3. Will Edna Return And/Or Get A Bigger Role?

Okay, we all know at this point that Edna is the best character in the Incredibles, bar none. Even if her appearance was limited to merely a couple scenes (AKA an extended cameo), she is still a blast to watch regardless. Which begs the question: Will she return to steal the show again?

I hope so. In fact, I want her to have a much larger role. Before I continue, there's a video made by Jonathan Carlin, a fellow Creator on Moviepilot, on YouTube where he talks about whether or not heroes in The Incredibles should wear capes. Look below if you want to watch it. If not, then scroll past it and keep reading.

The video above is more or less one of the reasons why I decided to make this article series at all, especially in regards to The Incredibles 2 being the first of many to come.

But let's refer back what he said in the video. Jon had this idea that Edna could be smarter than we might believe. He even speculated that Syndrome got his costume from Edna. It's very much possible that if this were the case, Edna would catch on that Syndrome isn't a hero in any regard and could have potentially added a cape to Syndrome's costume on purpose to have him be killed due to his own vanity and what not.

If this is true in any regard, it could potentially be revealed in The Incredibles 2 as something that Edna reflects on (that is, if she gets a role at all in the sequel, which she should). But anyway, I just want to thank Jon personally for making that video. My mind was definitely blown the first time I saw it. Watching it again, it still is very much shocking to think about.

Anyway, this is something that I'm sure a lot of you would love to see in the sequel. If Edna isn't in the sequel, I'm gonna be very upset, as will probably a lot of other people who watched the movie and liked Edna as a character.


And I think that pretty much covers everything I wanted to bring up. I'm sure I missed a lot more in terms of what to predict and speculate, especially in terms of what I wanted to add in but just forgot, but I'm sure you guys can do figure out more predictions and things to speculate in the comments below.

So what do you guys think about this series of mine? Let me know in the poll below:


Would you like to see more Speculations & Predictions in the future?

But anyway, that's everything I wanted to talk about today. See you all in the next episode of Predictions & Speculations! Peace. Out! ;)


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