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i've watched many movies, shows, anime, haven't read a lot of comic books (unavailable in my country) but no one is perfect right i'm just s
Mohamed Jegham

Kingdom Hearts is a series of crossover action role-playing games developed and published by Square Enix so you might wonder why this franchise deserves a game ?

But a fact a lot of people doesn't know is that KH has a manga that follows the story of Sora and to add on that this wouldn't be the first case of a game turning into an anime as for example we have sonic hedgehog game that was the cause for sonic x, and devil may cry that was responsible for Devil May Cry the series.

and i do believe that KH can make a great anime thanks to :

having plenty of characters and plots to exploit :

Having an awesome set of weapons :

although the idea of disney characters being in anime can sound a bit goofy (pun intented) it could also be a nostalgic idea having sora teaming up with mickey in defeating the darkness

i can almost feel the epicness of this anime and i think fans of the game would definitly watch this anime


So what do you guys think ?


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