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I am an avid movie watcher. I love all genres of movies, old and new, big blockbusters and straight to dvd. However, horror films are my fav
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I love a good creature feature! Some recent favorites include, Dark Was The Night and Digging Up The Marrow. It is always fun to see the different creatures that are created. The Hallow takes innocent mythical creatures and puts a terrifying twist to them.

A young couple and their newborn move to a remote home in Ireland. The husband's work involes him researching the home's surrounding woods. He constantly takes his newborn son along with him to survey the woods. A nearby neighbor tries to warn the family that they are trespassing on The Hallow. He advises them to stay out of the woods. It is said that if you trespass among the Hallow, they will trespass among you. The dark creatures of the woods begin coming into the family's home, determined to take their child. Now they must find a way to survive the night and protect their innocent child.

I really enjoyed the build up of the film. You get these quick glimpses of the creatures until they are finally shown in the middle of the film. They did a good job on the look of the creatures. They were simple, but still had a terrifying look. You are constantly worrying about the baby throughout the film, especially during the climax when.....(don't worry, no spoilers). Overall, this a very entertaining monster movie. It keeps you on your toes, since the creatures pop out of everywhere. Check out this film and let me know what you think.


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