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Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens comes out in just one month and I've never been so hyped for a movie, next to Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was a great movie that was frowned upon by some movie fans because it wasn't as good as the first one and/or the hype killed it (click here for more). It was a victim of its own hype. Will Episode VII run into these problems? Your first reaction would be "of course not!", but then you start to think about it more and more and start to worry. The original trilogy is so great, how could this movie become better than any of them? All these factors could hurt this movie despite the potential it has. These thoughts are obviously going through Disney's heads right now.

Disney Will Not Screen Star Wars VII to Press to Avoid 'Leaks'

No one who is thinking about seeing Star Wars is waiting for the critics to weigh in on this film, whether with awards or with reviews, to decide whether to buy a ticket. This movie won't need awards to draw a crowd.

As usual, leaks could be a big problem for fans. Besides the pictures above and this leak (click on this link), there hasn't been much that 'slipped through the net'. Initially, this could be seen as a positive to Star Wars fans as everybody will be seeing the movie at the same time. I do know what it feels like to have everyone else on the internet see it because that was with [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035).

I can't help but feel that it is a little strange to decide this a month before the movie is released, simply due to the risk of leaks. Like I said before, they are expecting a ton of money from this movie, it has the potential to make so much. They don't need those five out of 100 critics whining about how it wasn't as good as The Empire Strikes Back. The thing that really scares me the most is that it is similar to something that actually happened this year...


Yeah, uh oh. We all know that the newest attempt by Fox to make a decent Fantastic 4 movie failed once more. The trailers looked pretty good and everyone thought it was going to be a different take on the team and be a good movie, but it wasn't. There was one specific event that gave us a nudge saying it was bad. This was when Fox did not want to screen the movie to press prior to release.

This may be extreme, but not wanting to screen the movie was a warning to us that it was going to be bad and now I'm very scared it will happen to Star Wars. It's probably not going to happen, but there is a chance of this. Lucas Film and Disney have one last shot to give us a real Star Wars movie and if they fail on this, it goes downhill from there. Star Wars is such a strong franchise that it took the damage from the prequels and still held up. This wouldn't have been the case for most other franchises. Star Wars has healed, but how many more punches can it take?

If we're going to be positive, we're all going to avoid spoilers from the movie so we can go on the internet without pop-ups reading 'KYLO REN KILLS LUKE SKYWALKER'. The best example of this for me was when I missed the mid-season finale of Season 3 of Arrow and I had to wait until the next day to watch it on either Google Play or the CW app. I went on Twitter and the first tweet was

the glory picture of dead Oliver laying there in the snow with a sword in his chest.

Let me just say I was furious. At least with Star Wars, you will only have to avoid spoilers from December 16th, when it comes out in some countries. Hopefully you guys bought tickets like I did. I'm grateful because my friend Tim who ordered the tickets for him is grateful that his computer is still working as it shut down four times!

It feels like hyperspace, it's ONE MONTH AWAY!!!!!!
It feels like hyperspace, it's ONE MONTH AWAY!!!!!!

What do YOU guys take from this news? Tell me below!


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