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"Who's Deanna?" A question that still lingers to this day. But after episode 6.05 'Now', we are starting to see a little bit more into the mind of the leader of Alexandria, Deanna Monroe.

Deanna was definitely a wildcard character in this past week. Throughout the episode we see her jumping back and forth between sane and unstable. Here's a quick breakdown of her progression this past Sunday:

  • Deanna walks away in shock with everything that has transpired in the past couple of hours (the wolves, the herd of Walkers at the walls, Aaron's confession).
  • Deanna watches from the sidelines as people raid the pantry and Spencer steps in to stop them.
  • In a moment of clarity, she begins drawing up renovations to the layout of Alexandria and new things the town needs (education on security, a town militia, etc).
  • Deanna confronts her son about stealing from the pantry only to be berated by a drunk Spencer.
  • On her way to the pantry, Deanna encounters her first walker and begins to stab it with a broken bottle (but fails to stab the head).
  • Rick intervenes in her frenzy and after telling her the town needs her to lead, Deanna responds by saying they need him instead.
  • In the final moments of the episode, Deanna approaches the wall and pounds on the fence as if to provoke (or intimidate) the walkers.

At first it seemed like Deanna was going to slip into depression or maybe even go a step further and take her own life like one of the Alexandrian's, Betsy. But we see her snap back into reality and show why she was a leader before and after the outbreak. Even through all the chaos that had just taken place, she managed to compose herself and draw up new blueprints to improve the layout of Alexandria. On top of that, she jots down an inspirational quote in Latin:

Despite seeming composed, she has other moments that make us question her stability. In her first face-to-face Walker attack, she goes into a rage filled stabbing frenzy but does not go for the kill shot (the head). She then needs to be saved by Rick.

I understand that she has never had a personal encounter with a walker before but for someone who has been living in a zombie-filled world for the past two years and had a son who was a runner for the town, I would imagine that she has had some knowledge as to how to dispose of walkers. Not just that, but also seeing people dispose of the bodies after the wolves attack, she had to have seen how the bodies were being handled (destroying the brain of the dead, if not already done).

Furthermore, even her final moment in the episode is questionable when she pounds the fence between her and the walkers. Symbolically, she could be doing this as if to say "I will not be intimidated by Walkers!" or "Walkers will not destroy this town!" However, this action is not wise in terms of keeping the town safe as more sound will only urge the walkers to push harder and harder. And as we see in the final shot, some blood begins to get through the wall. I guess it's a good thing that Deanna is going to relinquish leadership over Alexandria to Rick pretty soon.

It's hard to say what exactly will happen to Deanna. So far, her storyline is coinciding, more or less, with that of her comic book counterpart, Douglas Monroe. In many ways, they have followed similar paths thus far: their occupation before the outbreak, starting as the leader of Alexandria, losing their significant other to Pete, the occasional outbursts of anger, etc. It will be interesting to see how the producers will play out Deanna's storyline in the upcoming episodes: will they continue the story arc from the comics or will they diverge from them yet again like they have so many times in the past? What do you think will come of all this? Leave a comment!


Will Deanna go down the same path as Douglas or will she find a way to survive in this world?


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