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Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple was never the Night Nurse before Marvel's Daredevil. Yes, Claire existed within the Marvel universe, and yes, the Night Nurses did as well, but the two roles never merged until the first installment of Netflix's collaboration with Marvel -- and before that, thanks to the secrecy behind the project, no one even knew where their roles were going. When Dawson sat down to explain the situation, it sounded like nothing less than bliss within a storm of chaos.

Most of the other actors that we’d been working with were like, 'so, wow, that’s so interesting... do you know what character I’m playing here?' People didn’t even know it was a Marvel project, it was so secretive," explains the actress. What's more, several of the actors that weren't on the primary roster for the first season of Daredevil only found out what they were doing on a weekly basis.

I’d say “Okay, see you next week!” and [the other cast members] would say “Oh! I’m in the next episode?!” They were keeping it on lock, and now the cat’s out of the bag, we all know what we were apart of. Now we’re being pushed to the limit and the expectations are really high. Back when we were filming Daredevil, our only real hope was that it didn’t suck.

But what were the effects of Daredevil -- and how do fans even begin to prepare for the rush of excitement that they're expecting with Jessica Jones?

“Where would you draw the line?” is a really important conversation that we explore with these shows, with characters like The Punisher coming into play, it’s really fun to explore that. It’s a remarkable moment right now where we’re really getting deep into these personal issues that people face on a superhero platform. That’s how we want to appeal to our base.

With Claire's wit -- and the fact that she seems to be lined up for all of the upcoming shows -- it's going to be interesting to see the firecracker playing with Jessica Jones lead Krysten Ritter.

It’s so great to explore that even more with Jessica Jones. She’s not like this sweet, nice character, and it’s great to be in this moment where you an explore characters that are very rich in the comic world, but don’t normally get a moment to shine like that in live action. So I’m excited about that, I’m excited about Luke Cage and what I’m going to get to do as Claire with that...
The challenge is for [the audience] to think about their own lives, for us to create these characters they can relate to and inspire them with.

Dawson returns as Claire Temple in Marvel's Jessica Jones on November 20th.


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