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Sometimes, life gives us little gifts that we didn't expect or really ask for. When it comes to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, some gifts come in the form of a naked, sweat-drenched Danny Devito clawing his way out of a leather couch -- and others are slightly easier to watch. Case in point: this all-new, fan-made trailer that brings together some of the biggest legends of It's Always Sunny and the new heroes of the Star Wars universe.

YouTube creator Brown Moses posted his interpretation of the crossover, to perfectly timed results:

While the cast of It's Always Sunny doesn't appear in the trailer (it's synced to the tune of the "Dayman Song"), it's still a fun experience. But if we were to fan-cast, I'd start with this: Mac as Han! Dennis as Threepio! Frank as Artoo! Who would you cast? Let me know below in the comments!


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