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This season on the flash Barry faces a new speedster, or some would call him a speed demon. According to Harry, Harrison Wells, he is obsessed with speed. So far he has taken Jay Garrick’s speed, sent a bunch of meta-humans to kill the flash before facing the flash face to face and crippling him on last night’s episode.

Nevertheless, the identity of this speedster remains a mystery. Who can he be, his true aims are still a mystery as well. Could he have some agenda against Barry himself or is he just another speedster driven insane?

5. The Rival

Jay Garrick`s nemesis in the comics. He recreated the same experiment that gave Jay Garrick his speed. He later got stuck in the speed force where he grew insane and murderous. The idea of Zoom being an imitator is not farfetched considering he appeared soon after Jay got his speed. However I don`t think it will be as big of a reveal as we hope; the character is simple not developed enough.

4. Black Flash

Black Flash acts like an angel of death for speedsters who can otherwise escape it. He is described more as a demon and is usually represented as a skeleton. He is created when a speedster suffers a near death experience and his sole aim is to kill them. However, this may explain why he is so fast and acts like an unstoppable force, however, the fact he didn`t kill the flash when he had the chance, but instead chose to humiliate him tells us he has other motivations; thus it is unlikely for zoom to be Black Flash.

3. Henry Allen

It has become a popular theory that Henry Allen from Earth 2 did not live a happy life, but instead traumatized when he saw a speedster kill his wife. This explains why he would hate all speedsters. However, how do we even know if Henry Allen experienced any of those things in Earth 2?

2. Eddie Thawne (Cobalt Blue)

In the comics Cobalt Blue, (who I will call Eddie from this point on), is able to take the speed from speedsters. He would do this by engulfing them in a blue flame. So it is believed he took Eobard Thawne`s speed before being sucked into the black hole. There he realised how Barry fucked up his life. He would then go on an agenda to be the fastest man alive and destroy Barry`s life. This explains how he took Jay`s speed. On the other hand, people believe Eddie Thawne will come back in another season and actually be called Cobalt Blue.

1. Barry Allen

Zoom could be Barry Allen from an alternate universe; hell bent on killing all hero`s after some experience that may have happened to him. This can provide an interesting twist and cause Barry to rethink his actions.

Who can it be, we probably won`t find out until the mid-season finale, but until then we can just keep speculating. Do you agree with my top 5 theories or do you think I am dead wrong. Please tell me what you think in the comments bellow.



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