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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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As you may already know, the announced Friday the 13th game has reached its KickStarter goal, which means we're already gonna get an incredible game... but it doesn't stop there. They may have enough money to give us something over the top, but if fans keep pushing, we could send this game into a whole new realm of greatness!

It's also good to know that the KickStarter campaign has already raked in over $767,000, and it's still growing. So keep that in mind!

Now let me show you some of the awesome stretch goals we HAVE to reach!

11. The Knock Your Block Off Kill - $1,075,000

At number 11 is this iconic kill from Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhatten. In a scene where he knocks off a guy's head in one punch, and watches it fall into the dumpster below. Now, for the first time ever, fans could execute this kill themselves... in game... on other players.

Wanna help make this iconic kill a reality? Click here!

10. 3 New Jason Skins! - $875,000

Oh, did you think Jason would only be running around in one outfit? Of course not! The makers of the game have already promised Jason's look from the second, third, and seventh movies. It doesn't stop there, though. If you help out, we could see skins from Friday The 13th's part six, eight, four, and so one!

Wanna help make your favorite Jason look a reality? Click here!

9. Offline Mode (Vs. Bots) - $1,950,000

Need practice avoiding Jason? Or maybe you wanna step your machete swinging skills up? Either way, you can help make this stretch goal happen.

So you fear you may need some offline practice? Help yourself by clicking here!

8. The Back Breaker Kill - $1,175,000

The kills they're adding to the game are already spicy. But if you wanna spice it up a little more with this iconic kill, have at it!

Is this your favorite Jason kill? Do you want it in the game? Click here!

7. The Abandoned Camp Map - $2,275,000

We're already getting the classic Camp Crystal Lake map in all its glory. But if you wanna travel to an even scarier map, you'll have to help out!

Do you wanna rip teens to shreds in broken down cabins? Click here!

6. Wheelchair Mark Returns! - $3,600,000

Mark, the handicapped jock from Friday the 13th Part II, did not deserve to be hilariously punished the way he was without a fighting chance. The creators of the upcoming game have taken note of this, too. So with your help, we could play as Mark and help him finally put Jason in his place!

Have you always wanted to see Mark get back at Jason and avenge his girlfriend? Well you can make that happen by clicking here!

5. The Liquid Nitrogen Kill - $5,550,000 (Maximum amount of money needed for stretch goals)

This is probably the most outrageous kill in a franchise of outrageous kills. And I know you wanna perform it on other players. Don't lie to yourself!

Do you wanna break off someones entire face? Click here!

4. Tommy Jarvis Returns - $1,150,000

You and your friends are going to have a hard enough time trying to escape Jason's wrath. With Tommy Jarvis' help though, your odds of surviving will increase dramatically.

Will you want Tommy Jarvis's help? Click here!

3. Ms. Voorhees Comes Back From The Grave - $3,775,000

Art by Jason Edmiston
Art by Jason Edmiston

With this goal we'll be able to take it all the way back to the beginning, when Ms. Voorhees was the killer. She's a woman with skill too, bow and arrow, hunting knives, and machetes are all apart of her arsenal.

So you wanna dispatch your victims as Ms. Voorhees? Help by clicking here!

2. Jason Takes It Back To Manhattan! - $4,525,000

With our help, the makers of this game will actually add Manhattan as a playable map. I can't even describe how incredible it'd be to murder folks in the big apple!

Don't act like this stretch goal doesn't excite you. Click here and help!

1. Uber Jason Goes Back To Space! - $5,400,000

This is the very first Friday the 13th game, and they're already talking about letting us go to space? If we truly want to send this game into another stratosphere, we need to help!

I'm not asking...I'm demanding you to help out. Click here!

Like I mentioned before, the people developing the game already have enough to put out something incredible. But if we really pitch in, this game could be one of the best ever made...


Will you be backing this project?


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