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Very comic book accurate and gave us a taste of Superman's true power that we see all the time in animated series and movies not to mention the comics. Superman also has always been a bit hot headed and jumps into a fight initially before thinking. To say what I just said is not true means you are not aware of the comic Superman history or you are just hating on the movie for personal reasons. And by no means am I saying you have to like the movie or any Superman movie but to say that any of the previous Superman movies were better is comical....pun intended. Man of Steel was amazingly written. The best set up for a villain in a comic book movie ever as the first 15 to 20 minutes was used to set up Zod.

And he did find him
And he did find him

Zod's motivation was very clear and in a weird way you sympathized with Zod's point of view of saving his race; it was only his method of accomplishing his goal of saving his race that most disagreed with. Man of Steel also was a movie about a son and his two fathers laying the ground work for Superman. Both fathers wanted to protect their son while knowing that one day he would be great and they were right as his very first task was not saving a plane from crashing

Great catch Superman - Original Superman

saved Lois and the helicopter
saved Lois and the helicopter

but saving the human race from extinction.

Great Punch Superman - Man of Steel

Saved the planet from extinction
Saved the planet from extinction

And I get that Marvel fanboys may not like ANY DC movie because its not Marvel but the facts are that Man of Steel did make a ton of money. Not only in theaters but also in DvD's and Blu-ray as the #1 selling comic book movie in DvD and Blu-ray in 2013. In 2014 HBO named Man of Steel movie of the year because of how many people just kept watching it over and over again which kept it in their rotation. So clearly the people that didn't like the movie are clearly the minority which is fine as long as you acknowledge that you are the minority.

Last but not least I'd like to leave all an example of how Superman has been portrayed in comics and animated series. Now you tell me if you do not see the power and attitude of the Superman in Man of Steel.


Is Man of Steel the best Superman movie ever?


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