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What if I told you that those seemingly meaningless decisions you make in an rpg actually matter? Well, Undertale, a game where this is so has been skyrocketing on tumblr and on Steam. But, why should you play it? 'It's probably something fan girls like', you're probably thinking. But shhhh.. let me explain.

What is the story of Undertale?

Well, it depends on your choices. The only thing set in stone is this: you are a human child named Frisk; you fell into a world underneath the Earth's surface where monsters roam, and you are trying to return to the surface. That's all. The rest of it is decided on your choices.

You can go on a neutral path, a good path, or a bad path. The Good path is that you kill none of the monsters you encounter and you receive a happy ending. The Neutral Path is where you do a combination of sparing and killing monsters and you receive a neutral ending. However, the bad ending is very interesting. If you go with the worst possible end, you will be unable to reset the game without manually changing the files and restarting everything.

What do you mean by restarting everything?

In Undertale, if you die in a battle, you will be given two choices: return from a save point or reset. If you reset, you start the game over again but the characters still recall the last play-through. Isn't that creepy? Your choices do matter in everything that you do, every line you say. Isn't that fun?

Is there any other appeal?

Look! It's Sans! Comic Sans!
Look! It's Sans! Comic Sans!

The character's actions all depend on your actions, but they are very well developed characters. Two of them are named after the most universally hated fonts (Papyrus and Comic Sans), and they both are very entertaining and deep. They have their own motivations in their actions. Every character has a reason for what they do (which is lacking in a lot of games today).

Also, just a friendly warning: Prepare for feels. They hit like a train.

Should I play through the game?

Absolutely. Undertale is quickly becoming a cult classic and for good reason too. It's also not as expensive as most other games (it's only ten dollars on Steam), and the developer is considering of trying to move the game onto Nintendo! Why not at least give it a go?


What do you think? Are you going to play Undertale?


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