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I never thought I could love a game so much as I do Guitar Hero: Live. When I first heard about it, I was super excited only to get bummed out that I couldn't play it right away. Then, I was offered the chance to write a review for the game and was sent a copy of the game.

Upon receiving the copy, I opened it right away and started playing. The way the guitar is now made, there are no more multicolored buttons. Instead, the guitar is designed to make the player feel as if they really are playing an actual guitar. Whether this design had any thought into how Rocksmith was designed to help beginners learn, I have no idea. What I do know, is that it does feel a lot more comfortable to play the game.

The game gives you that feeling of actually playing live on a stage with the way the graphics are designed, which is really cool. Much better than the previous versions of the game. That feeling of excitement as you stare at the screen with the notes coming at you, almost like a 3D experience, is incredible. I've always dreamed of what it could possibly be like to be on stage and play a concert to thousands of people and even though it's only virtual, Guitar Hero Live provides that experience for me. Living vicariously through a game, probably isn't the best thing to do, but at least it gives that temporary escape to allow some kind of relaxation and focus one may need after a long day.

I'm really glad that Guitar Hero decided to come back with another version. I'm even more excited to know that this version is graphically and musically better than the previous ones.


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