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Do or do not, there is no try..
Kerry Cepero

There was a time that I can remember where if you wanted to talk about Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and Anime it was only at school. I grew up in the 80s and we didn't have an outlet for our fan theories and crazy ideas. So when I visited Moviepilot and saw that anyone can post articles, it was like a dream come true.

Moviepilot has allowed fans of all genres to be able to voice their thoughts through their words. Yes, there are some insane theories posted out there by MP creators, but that is what's so great about this company! They absolutely let you make crazy claims like Jason Todd is really the Joker in the new Batman v Superman movie. They also let you share news about your favorite shows and movies on your social media pages without cost to you!

Founded in Berlin, Germany by Tobi Bauckhage, Jon Handschin, and Ben Kubota, Moviepilot also acts as a social media agency for film studios, including 20th Century Fox and Sony. Quantcast reported that Moviepilot averages more than 60 million views per month and more than 14 million unique views in the U.S., second only to IMDb for film websites. That right there gives writers a really great opportunity to create a brand for themselves!

The Founding Fathers: Tobi Bauckhage, Jon Handschin, and Ben Kubota!

New writers have the opportunity to earn a spot to learn ways to improve their vocation with Moviepilot University. I was one of the lucky ones to have experienced this privilege and I can say truthfully that I left the course very much improved in my writing skills.

Writing can be hard, if you don't take it seriously enough to write! Moviepilot gives new writers plenty of resources to turn to as they go on this journey. There is also a Moviepilot Creators page on Facebook that you can go to for help, as long as you earn an invite first.

I started out just like everyone else, with ZERO reads and alot of ideas. Now, 80 articles, 318K in reads, 424 comments and 42 followers later I feel like a Master of the Universe! It ain't hard, so long as you are willing to put your fingers to work! Write what you love, write what you know, and most importantly write with passion. If you're worried about grammar and spelling, well the writing tool MP offers writers helps but you can always start on a word doc and copy/paste to your MP article once you made the corrections.

What are you waiting for? Join the fastest growing writing community in the galaxy!

So, this call goes out to all fans of movies and television that have something to say! Try writing on Moviepilot and I guarantee you that you'll never regret it!


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